The Aebi Combicut product range is true to the motto: "one idea, many possibilities" and combines easy handling, high quality and, thanks to its extensive attachments, extreme versatility. Whether mowing, haymaking, mulching, sowing, milling, sweeping, blowing leaves or clearing snow - the single axle Combicut is the ideal all year round partner. The range is designed to the same technical concept, offering an infinitely variable traction drive with fingertip control and subtly responsive active steering. 



  • Maximum safety on the most demanding terrain thanks to its variable hydrostatic drive
  • Versatile with a wide range of attachments to give all year round usage
  • Simple operation and handling

Your benefits

  • Working and operating comfort: vibration-damped steering bar, active, effortless steering using the columns or hand lever
  • Safety: both hands on the steering bar, steers actively in response to the slightest pressure, drives with fingertip control
  • Maximum efficiency: mechanical device drive, infinitely variable speed adjustment

Product variants

Technical concept

The Combicut has two variable displacement pumps and two hydraulic motors. They are controlled mechanically using the steering bar and electronically using the drive lever.

Hydrostatic steering assistance makes the Combicut very intuitive, with minimal effort required on the operator’s part.

This means that no energy is lost when steering, and the machine stabilises itself effortlessly on even the steepest slopes.

Very tight turning manoeuvres can be executed easily and the Combicut can be turned on the spot, minimising damage to the ground while providing maximum stability.

Active steering can be employed on the Combicut CC 36 and CC 56, and is available as an option for the CC 66, even when the steering bar is locked. This ensures the directional stability of the machine during work on steep slopes with heavy attachments, without losing the convenience of active steering.

Drive lever

The easy-to-use, highly visible Combicut drive lever responds readily to the lightest touch, and follows the operator's commands exactly. When reversing, the lever automatically returns to neutral when released.

Combined with active steering, which responds to light sideways pressure, this simple operation gives a superior level of driving and operating comfort.


The attachments are driven mechanically using the tried-and-tested Aebi quick coupling.


The Combicut’s speciality is mowing. Depending on the model, maximum working widths of 1.75m - 3.10m are possible, while a number of different tyres ensure excellent performance on the steepest slopes. A quick-fit connector system allows a wide variety of attachments to be used, and working with mulch, using the flail mower or clearing snow with snow plough or snow blower are all possible. The Combicut is not only comfortable to operate, it is enormously versatile.

Municipal service

For work on green spaces on difficult or steep terrain or on delicate ground, the Combicut offers the perfect solution. The wide range of implements, and the ease with which the machine can be operated, results in a high working efficiency. In addition to mowing using a fingerbar, gantry, flail or sickle mower, a wide variety of other attachments can be used thanks to the quick-fit connector system. Snow plough, snow blower, sweeping brush, sweeper, weeding brush, rotary harrow – there are virtually no limits to the different attachments available, making the Aebi Combicut a genuine all-rounder.

Additional Information

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