The Stratos Combi Soliq is a highly versatile combination machine for winter maintenance under all weather conditions. It is extremely adaptable and offers a combination of different methods and spreading materials from one all-round machine. As such it is able to respond to a whole host of different weather conditions with the ideal solution to match the circumstances. These range from the spreading of abrasive materials, dry salt and wet salt with various brine percentages to brine spraying. Complete versatility in one all-rounder.

Schmidt|Stratos Combi Soliq


  • Can be used for any winter service and in all weather conditions
  • Combination of different methods and spreading materials
  • Maximum volume utilisation
  • Quick change between dry salt and brine

Your benefits

  • Pre-wet 30 to pre-wet 100 applications possible with a single device.
  • Uncomplicated operation by one person within seconds - no modification necessary.
  • Rapid filling at up to 1,200 litres per minute thanks to a large, three inch cross-section pipe.

Product variants

Different spreading methods

The Stratos Combi Soliq is suitable for a variety of spreading methods and can be used for all winter maintenance operations and in all weather conditions.

The most important de-icing agent is salt and there are various methods of applying it, which allows for differentiated de-icing. Possibly the most effective is wet salt spreading in which the salt is mixed with brine from appropriate tanks before it is applied. In this way, the salt adheres more quickly to the treated surface and develops a faster and longer lasting effect. As there are hardly any drifts, this method is very cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Latest findings show that pre-wetted salt with a higher brine content, such as pre-wet 50 or pre-wet 70, achieves a higher degree of efficiency, saves salt and helps protect the environment.

Another highly efficient method is brine spraying in which brine, a salt/water solution, is sprayed directly onto the road surface. This results in a considerable reduction in salt usage and is especially designed for preventive de-icing.

Hopper and frame structure

The Stratos Combi Soliq hopper is available in two basic versions:

  • Normal hopper: 4-7m³ capacity
  • Patented Flex hopper: 5m³ capacity

Both versions can be equipped with additional, front-mounted brine tanks, plus a frame for support legs, hook loaders, fixed mounting or for RoRo. 

Flex hopper

International trials have shown that in certain situations, wet salt with a higher brine content, such as PW 50 or PW 70, can achieve greater effectiveness over longer periods of time with a lower quantity of salt. The key to this is the length of time that the salt lies on the road, depending on the road conditions, weather conditions, intensity of traffic and temperature.

Increased brine volume without refitting
The new, patented Flex hopper offers maximum adaptability. The brine volume can be increased without the need for change-overs, allowing for PW 30, PW 50, PW 70 or PW 100 to be used from a single machine.

How it works
The Flex hopper contains two fixed high-strength plastic Flex bags which can be folded out as needed and filled with brine. They are filled via a C connection, with automatic filling of the side-mounted and front-mounted tanks and Flex bags. A large, three inch cross section pipe enables fast filling speeds of up to 1,200 litres per minute. The wet proportion of the mix can be changed easily on the control panel for optimised effectiveness with lower salt consumption. Two versions of the Flex hopper are available so that brine volumes can be increased from 1,300 or 2,800 to 2,500 or 4,400 litres.

Dosing and conveying systems

Belt conveyor system

The Stratos V-profile belt conveyor system delivers the uniform transport of spreading material. A stainless steel slide plate allows for minimum belt friction on the whole surface. The belt speed is adjusted automatically and, together with the dosing slide, allows for exact dosing. The dosing slide is equipped with an integrated lump crushing system that crushes lumps at a constant pressure, preventing the system becoming blocked or damaged. As a result, a uniform and constant feed allows for high dosing accuracy. 

Auger conveyor system

The Stratos Flex auger conveyor with two-stage pitch is a cold-formed flat helix which allows for energy-efficient conveying with a low breakaway torque. The variable thread allows for uniform emptying of the hopper, ensuring the spreader maintains an even centre of gravity on the truck. The auger conveyor is powered by a high torque hydraulic motor for safe and stable starting.  A constant target-actual comparison regulates the auger conveyor system at a precise and constant speed. A standard auger pressure relieve system relieves the auger from the pressure of the spreading materials and significantly increases the service life

Brine device

The lateral and front-mounted liquid tanks, which have respective capacties of 1,850 liitres and 2,200-2,500 litres, are made of impact and cold-resistant polyethylene with integrated baffles. The suction and ventilation points are located at the centre of the tank so that operation is possible in rough or mountainous terrain. An integrated filling level indicator allows for easy checking of the remaining brine volume, while the ergonomic, steel filling and emptying connector enables easy refilling at a rate of up to 1,200 litres per minute via a three inch cross section pipe. A hydraulically driven, high-performance brine pump with run-dry protection allows for constant feeding of brine, and an integrated revolution speed sensor ensures maximum accuracy.

Distribution systems

RSP distribution system
With the RSP variant, a combination of spreading and spraying is carried out via the spreading disc and, with a spraying width of up to 8m, is ideally suited for spraying on local roads. The distribution system can be raised by gas springs and is conveniently height-adjustable. A polyethylene discharging chute, together with the optimised angle of the outlet, allows for optimal material flow. A Premium spreading disc with a 490mm diameter is generally used. Optionally, however, a Premium spreading disc with a diameter of 660mm or a dual-layer spreading disc with a diameter of 700mm can be employed, both of which are suitable for spreading (PW 30) and spraying (PW 100).

RSP with dual-layer spreading disc
With the patented dual-layer 700mm spreading disc, varying widths can be sprayed. Widths of 3-8m (upper disc, FS 100) or 3-10m (lower disc, FS 30-70) can be sprayed as required. A new RSP plus option allows the spraying width to be increased to 9m by means of two jet nozzles.

WSP distribution system
With the WSP version, a combination of spreading and spraying is achieved via a Premium 660mm diameter spreading disc and a nozzle spray system. The nozzle arms allow for a spraying width of up to three lanes or around 12m. Adjustment of width can be configured both as a lane or metre setting. During spraying, both dry salt and a wet salt mixture can be added, underlining that the Stratos Combi Soliq is a highly versatile and flexible piece of equipment.

Drive system

The Stratos Combi Soliq is driven by the carrier vehicle's existing hydraulic system.

Control and information systems

The Combi Soliq is operated clearly and easily using the highly efficient, fully road-speed related ES control panel, which features a frost-resistant 7" colour touch screen display housed in a splash-proof, robust casing. The click-turn knobs and illuminated push buttons ensure convenient operation of the primary and menu-dependent functions.

The systems can also be integrated with the latest smart technology:

  • ThermoLogic: Temperature-dependent dosing
  • AutoLogic: Automatic spreading with GPS navigation

Two operating concepts are available for controlling the Stratos Combi Soliq:

  • Percentage control: The liquid share is always a percentage of the total sum
  • Dosage control: In spray mode the liquid and solid share is given in g/m²

IntelliOPS telematics platform

The Stratos Combi Soliq can be connected to the Aebi Schmidt IntelliOPS platform which provides comprehensive monitoring, selection, reporting and analysis functions. It enables rapid performance evaluation by displaying machine activity data live on a map and uses collected data to provide detailed overviews and reports to optimise operations.