The smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt sweeper family is flexibly expandable and can be combined with many attachments and mountable equipment for both summer and winter road maintenance. With its comfortable articulated steering, high payload and a permissible gross vehicle weight of 3.5 tonnes, the Flexigo 150 can be used over a wide area - from streets to narrow alleys in pedestrianised areas. And only a Category B EU driving licence is required.

Schmidt|Flexigo 150


  • One device, numerous possibilities - versatile and efficient utilisation
  • Integrated quick-change system for easy device change in shortest time
  • Increased productivity through year-round utilisation of the vehicle
  • A spacious cab, excellent visibility and ergonomic controls
  • Energy-efficient all-wheel drive High Efficiency Traction Control for low fuel consumption at maximum power 

Your benefits

  • Versatile use: The Flexigo 150 is flexibly expandable and can be combined with many types of attachable and mountable equipment.
  • Ease of driving: Despite its high payload and 3.5 tonnes gross vehicle weight, only a Category B EU driving licence is required.
  • Best certification: The Flexigo 150 meets the best level of PM10/PM2.5 certification with 4 stars and also carries the AGR seal of approval.
  • Unsurpassed comfort: A spacious cab, excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, adjustable steering column and a sprung driver's seat with individual adjustment options. 
  • Easy spare parts and warranty handling: One manufacturer, many summer and winter maintenance machines.

Technical data

Product booklet

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The Flexigo 150 combines excellent sweeping characteristics and a high load capacity with the advantages of a multi-functional implement carrier. In addition to its use as a sweeper, other attachments and mounted implements, such as a scrub deck, mower/suction combination, snow plough or attachable and mounted spreader, allow it to be used all year round. The integrated quick-change system makes conversion simple, safe and fast.

  • A further increase in productivity, through year-round utilisation of the vehicle
  • Lower maintenance costs, thanks to a smaller vehicle fleet
  • Wide range of possible applications


Innovative broom system

The Flexigo 150 is available with a professional 2-brush or optional 3-brush system. A good overlap between the brooms and the suction nozzle ensures that no material is left lying around even when driving around tight bends. The brush system is operated via a joystick integrated into the armrest, ensuring fatigue-free working. A hydraulic support pressure control for the front linkage is available as an option. This ensures optimum ground adjustment and reduces wear on the front brushes to a minimum.

Automatic collision protection of the front brushes

In the event of collision with an obstacle, the broom can move inwards. The nitrogen-filled hydraulic accumulators on the broom swivel cylinders ensure that the broom is automatically returned to its starting position.

Excellent suction power 

In the case of coarse dirt and particularly difficult objects, the patented, unique airflow system builds up the air flow much more quickly than other solutions, resulting in excellent suction power.

Silent sweeping

The noise level was kept as low as possible despite the high power output. With a sound power level of 99 dB(A), cleaning is also possible at off-peak times.

Effective fine dust management

The Flexigo 150 has been tested according to the strict guidelines of the EUnited - European Engineering Industries Association. Outside the machine, the multi-stage dust binding system ensures that the air is low in fine dust. The fresh water system has a volume of 250 litres. A powerful water pump supplies two spray nozzles on the disc brushes and four nozzles in the suction nozzle. A circulating water system is also fitted as standard. In this system, the circulating water from the hopper is fed directly back into the suction nozzle. This saves fresh water and the hopper capacity is used to the optimum. The collected waste material is both moistened and compressed and only clean and low-dust air is released into the environment. For this, the Flexigo 150 has been awarded 4 out of 4 stars in the PM10/PM2.5 certificate.

Large dumping height

The dumping height of the hopper is 1600mm which allows emptying into all common dirt/waste containers.

Environmentally friendly weed control

An optional and extremely robust weed brush ensures effortless mechanical removal of weeds. The three-dimensional brush adjustment options always ensure optimum operating height to the ground.

Further highlights

  • Manual suction hose: Connection on both sides of the debris hopper possible
  • Optional three brush system: Sweeping width of up to 3100 mm
  • High pressure cleaner: 160 bar/11 litres per minute
  • Suction nozzle and rear view camera: For optimum overview during sweeping operations
  • Excellent sweeping performance, thanks to intelligent brush system and patented airflow system
  • Unique collision protection system minimises risk of damage
  • Best accessibility of difficult to reach areas with many obstacles, thanks to flexible brush movement
  • Optimum sound insulation
  • Best level PM10/PM2.5 certification (4 stars)

Snow clearing and de-icing

The low centre of gravity, the compact dimensions, the high engine output of 75HP/55 kW and the permanent four-wheel drive, all ensure safe working and manoeuvring under even the most difficult conditions and in the tightest of spaces. The high payload of the Flexigo 150 allows the use of large-volume spreader bodies, thus extending operating times and operating distances.

Aebi Schmidt offers a wide range of attachments for professional winter services, such as snow ploughs, snow blowers, front sweepers and various spreaders and sprayers. High-quality and well thought-out technology reduces noise and vibrations during operation, thus increasing the user's comfort.

Attachments and mountable equipment for winter use:

  • Snowplough
  • V-snow plough
  • Front sweeper
  • Snow blower
  • Silo mounted spreader with belt/auger conveyor system
  • Flat silo mounted spreader with dual auger conveyor system
  • Mountable sprayer
  • One manufacturer, many winter maintenance machines - easy spare parts and warranty handling
  • Sophisticated technology combined with innovative control
  • All winter maintenance equipment offers the best possible corrosion protection

Wet cleaning and watering


Under hot, dry and very dusty conditions, wet cleaning is an important and interesting alternative to sweeping. Equipped with a 1.5m wash bar, roads and pavements can be intensively cleaned with a low, medium or high pressure pump system.


The combination of scrub deck and debris hopper turns the Flexigo 150 into a mechanical surface wet cleaner, with simultaneous dirty water extraction. Whether in a multi-storey car park or pedestrian zone, the special design allows cleaning close to the edges as well as targeted cleaning of inaccessible niches  - without any problems. The scrub deck delivers very good and lasting cleaning results on a wide variety of surfaces.


Trees, plants, flower pots or borders can be watered efficiently with one watering arm. The watering arm has a large swivel range thanks to an innovative gear-joint arrangement. The working area is located to the left and right of and in front of the Flexigo 150 and is operated directly from the vehicle.

Green area maintenance


The Flexigo 150 provides perfect results in green area maintenance. The combination of a front sickle mower and hopper enables mowing with simultaneous grass collection. The mowing unit with three blades guarantees a mowing capacity of up to 15,000 m²/h.


With an attached front mulcher, green areas or roadsides can be mulched without any problems. The mowed material is shredded and evenly distributed on the spot. The robustly built mulcher is equipped with high-quality blades and is driven by the Flexigo vehicle hydraulics.


The tailor-made tiltable loading area (0.75 m3) can be used for transport at any time of the year. It consists of a robust steel construction with aluminium side panels that can be pulled out and upwards. The front wall is firmly anchored and the rear wall can be folded down for easier loading and unloading.

Ergonomics and comfort

User-friendly workplace

The spacious, vibration-damped cab with large windscreen, glazed doors and narrow cab frame gives the driver a panoramic view of working equipment and traffic. The wiper blades are positioned low down on the foot area, so there is no disturbance in the field of vision. The driver's seat is centred and guarantees the best all-round view and increased safety in everyday working life. Headroom is maximised and allows a comfortable sitting position even for tall drivers. The ventilation and air conditioning system with fine dust filter (class F8), as well as the noise insulation (max. 75 dB) contribute to a pleasant working environment. 

The adjustable steering column, the air-sprung, adjustable driver's seat with lumbar support for a back-friendly seating position, the seat tilt and seat length adjustment, the three-point seat belt, the seat heating and the backrest tilt adjustment make the cab a modern, ergonomic workplace.

With the AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) seal of approval, the Flexigo 150 offers tested and certified ergonomics for a healthier workplace and driver.

Ergonomic operation of all elements

Simple and intuitive controls offer high flexibility for frequent driver changes and the ergonomically placed controls provide maximum operator comfort.

  • Multi-functional display: Self-explanatory symbols on the control display make it easier for the operator to work with different implements.
  • Joystick: The implements are operated via the joystick. This is integrated in the armrest of the comfort seat and ensures fatigue-free operation.
  • Quick keys: The keypad located directly in front of the joystick displays the most important machine functions. Here, the operator can select in which working mode he wants to work and whether he wants to activate the brush pressure setting. The handbrake function is also located here.

Further highlights

  • Easy access to the cabin
  • Sliding windows on both sides
  • LED worklights for a bright working environment
  • Cabin lighting also with glare-free red light
  • Cup/bottle holder
  • Storage drawer