The Straliq is a spraying machine specially designed for precise brine spraying over large areas and multi-lane roads. Spraying not only reduces salt consumption and protects the environment, but is also a very economical method of de-icing. The Straliq is designed to fit large carrier vehicles and uses the three-lane spraying technique.



  • Fast and efficient de-icing
  • Substantial savings in spraying agent consumption
  • Environmentally friendly and economical method
  • Optimum spray pattern, even at minimum dosage

Your benefits

  • With a capacity of 7,500 -15,000 litres very large areas can be de-iced in one operation.
  • Reduced salt consumption through effective spraying technology.
  • Higher residual salt quantity compared to pre-wetted salt, which contributes to road safety.
  • Individual adjustment of the spraying width to each lane.


The Straliq is specially designed for spraying brine from large carrier vehicles using the three-lane spraying technique, which enables fast and efficient de-icing. The Straliq has a capacity of 7,500 -15,000 litres, which means that very large areas can be de-iced in one operation, while the high quality polyethylene tanks are suitable for all de-icing agents. Significant savings in consumption of spraying materials can be achieved, especially down to -6° C.

Dosage and distribution system

The heart of the dosing system is either a 295 litre/min diaphragm pump or a centrifugal pump (max. 700 l/min). The salt solution is applied from the rear of the vehicle via variable flow nozzles which ensure constant pressure and reduce mist formation. The spraying width can be individually adjusted to each lane down to the nearest metre.

Drive options

The Straliq can be driven by various systems, the simplest being  connection to the hydraulics of the carrier vehicle. If none are available, the Rotopower drive offers an innovative and efficient option. Here, the rotation of the rear axle is taken directly from the hub without loss of power. Finally, the Straliq can be equipped with a diesel engine.

Control and information systems

The Straliq is operated from the driver's cab using the highly effective ES control panel. Easy-grip click-turn knobs and illuminated push buttons ensure that the driver can concentrate fully on the traffic and road conditions. In conjunction with the ThermoLogic and AutoLogic systems, the Straliq becomes even more efficient and resource-saving.