The ultimate spreader for the winter maintenance of municipal, country and national roads. The medium series can be mounted on various multi-functional carrier vehicles, including the Unimog. The Stratos flat silo and dual chamber versions are ideal for difficult tasks such as de-icing, especially in mountainous regions.

Schmidt|Stratos 1.7 - 3.0 m³


  • Proven, modular design with a large variety of options and extension possibilities.
  • First class manoeuvrability thanks to the low centre of gravity.  
  • Ability to apply different spreading materials in parallel, in varying mixing ratios or separately onto the road surface (Stratos D).

Your benefits

  • Maximum flexibility: The modular design allows optimal adaptation to the carrier vehicle and operating conditions.
  • Highest spreading accuracy: The premium mixing and spreading systems ensure the best spreading quality.
  • A plus in terms of road safety: The low, vehicle-wide design of the Stratos F & D gives the driver a clear view to the rear and improves visibility and  manoeuvrability.

Modular concept

The modular concept of this series includes both spreaders with belt or auger conveyor systems and flat or dual chamber spreaders with dual auger conveyor systems. The series is ideal for carrier vehicles from 3.5 to 7.5 tonnes.

Mounting and demounting systems

Each of the spreaders can be equipped with one of three mounting and demounting systems:

  • Base frame for demounting legs or fixed mounting
  • RoRo (roll on - roll off) system suitable for full demounting
  • Ball point frame for six Unimog models (U216, U218, U 318, U423, U427, U430)

Dosage and conveyor systems

Three dosing and conveying systems are available:

  • The reliable belt conveyor system, suitable for all types of gritting materials. The feed gate with integrated lump crusher function ensures trouble-free operation.
  • The robust auger conveyor system with variable pitch and a dosing disc. This ensures uniform dosage and emptying of the hopper. 
  • The dual auger conveyor system for an especially flat hopper design and maximum utilisation of the vehicle width. Thanks to newly improved geometry and the opposite direction of rotation of the augers, the spreading pattern has been further optimised. The augers of the dual chamber version are controlled separately to allow different dosage of the two spreading materials.

Pre-wet equipment

The spreader is equipped with laterally-arranged brine tanks with a liquid level indicator and a brine pump with run-dry protection, while a rear-side Storz C connection is available for filling and emptying the brine tanks. The suction point is located in the middle of the tank, which makes operation in inhospitable mountainous regions possible without problem. When switching on the brine (FS 30), the dry material is automatically reduced and the distribution system settings are optimised in accordance with the change in composition of the de-icing agent. The system achieves a high level of accuracy, thanks to integrated sensors for comparison of the actual versus the target value of the control loops.

Distribution systems

The highly developed premium mixing system of the Stratos series 4 - 12 m³ is also used here. The best possible material flow is ensured by a polyethylene discharge chute and an optimised outlet angle. The spreading material hits the spreading disc centrally and is optimally distributed until it is discharged. This creates a homogeneous mixture, which is dynamically discharged as a bundled ejection jet in such a way that the effects of the wind are compensated for as much as possible. 

The swivelling technology of the spreading disc enables the symmetrical or asymmetrical spreading pattern to be adjusted manually or electronically via the control panel. Thanks to this technology, the size of the spreading area is maintained, with a precisely defined spreading pattern and a spreading width of 2 - 10m or 3 - 12m. 

New in the range are the Premium FS50 spreading discs which allow a 2 - 6m or 2 - 8m width to be spread with an FS50 mix.

Drive options

There is also a choice of drive systems. The Stratos spreaders can be ordered with vehicle hydraulics, diesel engine or Rotopower.

  • Vehicle hydraulics: The spreader is simply driven by the hydraulic system of the carrier vehicle.
  • Motor drive: The diesel engine is integrated into the front of the spreader, reducing the additional body length required. 
  • Rotopower: The required drive power is taken directly from the rear wheel hub and used for the drive.

Control and information systems

The Schmidt EvolutionLine comprises three different operating concepts that make work easier and more efficient. Thanks to this sophisticated control technology, the driver can control all functions conveniently from the cab and thus react directly to changing road conditions. A wireless control system is available as an option. Depending on the equipment level, temperature-dependent dosing is available with ThermoLogic, routes can be planned in advance via AutoLogic or data analysis with the IntelliOPS data management system is also available.

Additional Information

  • For enhanced functionality, the Stratos spreaders can be equipped with the Schmidt AutoLogic and ThermoLogic assistance systems. AutoLogic is an easy-to-use spreading system with route guidance, which assists the driver and ensures better road safety. In combination with the ThermoLogic system, the dosage setting is based on measured road temperatures allowing a saving of up to 15% of spreading materials to be achieved.
  • In addition, the Stratos spreaders can be connected to the IntelliOPS platform which provides comprehensive monitoring, selection, reporting and analysis functions. It enables rapid performance evaluation by displaying machine activity data live on a map and, employing collected data, provides detailed overviews and reports to optimise operations.