The eSwingo 200+ is the first fully electric compact sweeper from Schmidt. It is ideal for daily cleaning and sweeping duties in inner-city and pedestrianised areas plus industrial locations and multi-storey car parks. The eSwingo 200+ is not only one of the cleanest compact sweepers on the market, but it also pays for itself in the overall whole life cost calculation. With the eSwingo 200+, up to 85% of energy costs and up to 70% of maintenance costs can be saved compared to a model with a diesel engine.

Schmidt|eSwingo 200⁺


  • 100% electric, 0% carbon dioxide emissions
  • Working up to 10 hours without recharging
  • Recharge in just four hours with the on-board charger
  • Low noise emission
  • Sustainable and responsible technology

Your benefits

  • Performance: High performance and driving performance even on demanding sweeping jobs - no compromises compared to the model with diesel engine.
  • Battery Life Cycle Management: Battery service and diagnosis are carried out by Aebi Schmidt, as well as free take-back and recycling.
  • Extremely quiet driving and working: The machine can also be used for work assignments at night or in the early morning hours.
  • Excellent sweeping performance: A 2 or 3-broom system  is available with a pulled suction shaft. Thanks to modular equipment and a wide range of optional expansion options, the sweeper can be adapted to customer-specific requirements.
  • Unsurpassed comfort: A spacious cab, excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, an adjustable steering column and a sprung driver's seat with individual adjustment options. AGR ("Campaign for Healthier Backs") tested and recommended.

Product variants

eSwingo 200⁺ | 2-Brush

The 2-broom system with independently controlled circular brushes guarantees absolute mobility in every sweeping situation. Two stable broom arms with integrated buffers allow sweeping widths of up to 2,900 mm.

eSwingo 200⁺ | 3-Brush

The 3-broom system with freely movable front brush arm offers a sweeping width of up to 2,600 mm. Left-right alignment of the front broom is just as possible as sweeping on two levels or heavy weed broom use.

Technical data

Product booklet

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Environmentally friendly electric drive

The eSwingo 200+ features an all-electric drive. The heart of the drive is the high-voltage battery with a battery capacity of 75 kWh, which is made up of two individual battery packs. The powerful batteries allow operating times of up to 10 hours without recharging. The integrated on-board quick charger ensures full recharging in just four hours.

High-quality components contribute to durability, non-flammable and explosion-proof battery cells ensure safety. The battery management system (BMS) monitors and controls the battery, the charging and discharging processes and the temperature. Depending on the intensity of use of the eSwingo, the system allows approximately 5000 charging cycles.

The drives of all main functions - traction drive, blower drive, hydraulic pump drive and air conditioning of the driver's cab - have been electrified. The electric drive offers higher efficiency, optimum power characteristics and high performance with low maintenance requirements.

Only an electric motor, which is directly connected to the rear axle, is used for the drive and gives speeds of up to 50 km/h, while the noise level is many times lower than that of a diesel vehicle. An electric parking brake system with hill start assistance guarantees safe and comfortable driving.

Sweeping technology

The eSwingo 200+ is available with two independent sweeping systems. A pushed 2-broom system with a brush diameter of 850mm or a pulled 3-broom system with a brush diameter of 800mm. Both systems are available with either dependent or independent disc brush control using convenient controls on the driver's door. The brush speed and pressure can be infinitely adjusted. The brooms can be chosen in plastic, steel or mixed trimmings, and the suction nozzle between rollers or runners.

The 2-broom system with independently controllable circular brushes guarantees absolute mobility in every sweeping situation. Two stable broom arms with integrated buffers allow sweeping widths of up to 2,900mm. Independent broom control is available as an option, offering separately controllable brooms, up/down, left/right, and contact pressure control, guaranteeing clean sweeping results with minimum wear and tear. The broom always returns to its basic position, regardless of  road conditions. A version for heavy weed use is also available with additional hydraulic tilting functions for the broom.

The 3-broom system with freely movable front broom arm offers a wide range of options and a sweeping width of up to 2,600mm. Left-right alignment of the front broom is available, along with sweeping on two levels or heavy weed broom use. All functions of the front broom are hydraulically controlled, including the broom support pressure. The broom unit under the cabin ensures optimum feed of the sweeping material to the suction shaft. As an option, the side brushes can also be extended hydraulically and their angle can be adjusted so that they are ideally positioned in relation to the ground conditions in sweeping operations.

Suction and water systems

For the 2-broom system, there is a choice of a basic suction shaft with hydraulically operated coarse dirt flap or an HS suction shaft, which combines the advantages of an integrated coarse dirt flap with optimum air flow. The HS suction shaft guarantees maximum suction power even at low fan speeds.

There is an air-flow-optimised suction shaft for the 3-broom system, which does not require a separate coarse dirt flap. Coarse debris can only be easily collected by tilting the suction chute.

The eSwingo 200+ is certified with the highest level PM10 4-star and PM2.5. The certificate is considered a quality standard throughout Europe with four stars in the PM10 test for the highest level of air pollution control, along with the best possible absorption performance with PM2.5.

With the unique Koanda air circulation system in combination with the pressurised circulating water system, the emission of fine, harmful dust is reduced by up to 70%. A large part of the dust-laden air sucked in remains in the suction system and is returned to the suction mouth in a circuit. The small amount of residual air remaining is cleaned by a fine-pored filter. In addition, the Koanda system gives reduced noise emission, low water consumption and allows sweeping at slightly below-zero temperatures.

The proven pressure circulation water system returns large quantities of circulating water to the circuit by means of a waste water pump for reuse. The water recovery system, with a screen surface of 3.3m2 in the container, not only saves fresh water, but also makes optimum use of the container capacity. By adding water into the hopper, up to 250 litres, the operating range can be increased by up to 50%. The collected swept material is both moistened and compacted. The electric fresh water pump supplies the spray nozzles on the circular brooms. The water quantity for the brooms can be conveniently controlled from the cab.

Sweeping material hopper

The hopper, which has a system volume of 2m³, enables maximum sweeping capacity and a large radius of action. The hopper is made of corrosion and seawater resistant aluminium. A large dumping height of 1400mm enables emptying into all common dirt containers. The suction pipe in the hopper is optionally available in wear-resistant stainless steel.

Ergonomics and Comfort

The spacious cabin is equipped with high-quality noise and vibration insulation. The front windscreen, which extends down to the floor, and the viewing window in the cab floor, provide an optimum view of the sweeping unit and suction nozzle. The excellent all-round visibility contributes to a pleasant working environment and supports safe operation in road traffic.

The standard and powerful air conditioning system creates a pleasant and cool working climate even at high outside temperatures. Fresh air is sucked in and filtered at the rear of the cab, while the cab air filter is also designed as a pollen filter. The sweeping unit is controlled via the door control panel with joysticks and push buttons. With the Auto-Drive option, all sweeping functions and driving commands in sweeping mode can be conveniently operated via the ergonomically shaped multifunctional control lever. Driving and sweeping from a single source also means greater safety and less stress.

The most important information is visible at a glance on the colour display in the roof console. With the help of the onboard diagnosis system, any faults can be localised quickly and efficiently, while a mechanic can make machine-specific settings on the display.

The cabin also boasts a height and angle-adjustable steering column, cruise control, minimal pedal forces, a healthy driver's seat with AGR certificate ("Campaign for Healthy Backs") plus operating and control instruments in an optimum grip area to complete a modern, ergonomic workplace.

Modern vehicle technology

The hot-dip galvanisation of the entire vehicle frame, the suction mouth and important steel components, including the dirt container, provide high-quality corrosion protection.

The hydropneumatically suspended chassis with hydrostatic drive and large 15" wheels offers the highest level of driving comfort in this machine class. At the same time, high load capacity and large wheel contact areas ensure increased safety with low ground pressure, regardless of road and weather conditions. Optionally, the permissible gross weight can be increased to 5 000 kg.

The suspension package, which also incloudes a mechancial option, is perfectly matched to the machine, and ensures safe and comfortable, car-like driving. Good driving comfort, robustness and freedom from maintenance are all optimally combined.

The switchable all-wheel steering makes extremely tight turning manoeuvres possible, and is monitored by steering angle sensors, which enable automatic centring -  so it is user-friendly and safe. A hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with disc brakes on the front and rear axle is fitted as standard.

Wide range of options

  • Koanda air circulation system
  • Rear view camera and suction shaft camera
  • Wild herb broom
  • Hand suction hose
  • Pressure washer
  • Automatic central lubrication system
  • Auto-Drive (drive lever operation)
  • Winter maintenance attachments

IntelliOPS telematics platform

If you want to monitor, plan, control in real time, optimise or, for example, bill third parties for the activities of your eSwingo 200+, then use the digital solutions on our IntelliOPS platform. IntelliOPS supports you in the efficient use of your individual machine as well as in a network with several machines, including those of other brands. Here you can find out more about our digital solutions and how you can use them in a way that is modular and adapted to your needs.

Additional Information

The eSwingo can help you to reduce CO2 emissions and save cost. Check for your own by using our COcalculator and TCO calculator.