The modern Terratrac+ is characterised by the best lifting forces, enormous manoeuvrability, elegant design, high-torque engines and an intuitive operating concept. The comfort cab offers optimum visibility and space as well as useful details such as cell phone and bottle holder, document compartment and universal box. The standard vibration damping system improves driving safety, increases driving comfort and protects the machine against operational stresses with attached implements.

Aebi|TT 241⁺ / TT 281⁺


  • Highest lifting forces for even more power
  • Easy stepless travel thanks to hydrostatic drive
  • Efficient and stress-free work thanks to simple and logical operating concept
  • Suitable for any terrain, whether extreme slopes or flat areas
  • Ideally suited for agriculture and municipal customers with green space management

Your benefits

  • Safety: built for safe work on the most demanding terrain, low center of gravity, lightweight
  • Ecological: economical diesel engines, ECO drive reduces fuel consumption
  • Ride comfort and ease of operation: optimum operating speed continuously adjustable, generous space in the driver's cab, pinpoint control of the instruments with just one finger
  • Gentle on the ground: low ground contact pressure protects the grass cover, wide-profile tyres mean little or no soil compaction
  • Multi-functionality: all-year multi-purpose application, easy and quick change of attachments

Product variants

TT 241⁺

The powerful turbo diesel engine has a maximum torque of 310 Nm and impresses with an excellent torque rise. The enormous power development is already available from a speed of 1600 rpm. In addition, the engine convinces with its smooth running, low consumption and long service life.

TT 281⁺

The powerful turbo diesel engine has a maximum torque of 420 Nm and impresses with an excellent torque rise. The enormous power development is already available from a speed of 1100 rpm. In addition, the engine convinces with its smooth running, low consumption and long service life.

Technical data

Product booklet

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Driving characteristics

Variable-speed drive: The variable-speed hydrostatic drive brings nothing but benefits and has clearly established the Terratrac amongst steep-slope implement carriers. The continuous adjustment of the driving speed, precise manoeuvrability, the constant positive engagement between engine and wheels and the excellent, wear-free brake action of the hydrostatic drive are premium features that increase efficiency, save fuel and offer maximum safety.

Hydraulic weight transfer: Thanks to the hydraulic weight transfer system the attachment does not have to be manually adjusted to the terrain profile – this technology automatically handles it for you. This feature, combined with the lateral pendulum-type suspension, allows for precise alignment to the terrain, ensuring cleaner operation.

Terrain adjustment: The front axle can rotate against the rear, aligning the machine to the terrain with absolute precision. The integrated skew suppression works progressively until it stops.

Smart work with automated processes: The intelligently interlinked technology automatically turns on the all-wheel steering system and lifts the rear hoist as soon as the front hoist is lifted. This saves you time and allows you to work smarter.

Vibration dampin: The hydraulic system counterbalances vibrations between the Terratrac and the attachments to prevent shocks. This allows for faster shifting operations, in addition to protecting the driver and the vehicle.

Well-balanced weight distribution: The ground pressure of the individual wheels is well balanced, increasing the vehicle’s slope efficiency, protecting the ground and reducing wear on tyres.

Torsen / T-Traction: The Torsen centre differential ensures continuous distribution of the drive torque to all four wheels. This protects drive components and wheels, while also being easy on the ground. The optionally available T-Traction prevents front or rear wheels with no appropriate counterweight from slipping in challenging situations.

Front and rear hydraulics: The powerful lifting gears make it possible to operate a wide range of attachments simultaneously. The hydraulic side shift at the front up to a total of 630 mm is fitted as standard. When mounting or demounting the attachments, the raising and lowering function and a freely selectable controller, can be conveniently operated from the outside.

Four steering modes: In all Terratrac models, the touch of a button enables you to switch between front (a), rear (b), all-wheel (c) or crab (d) steering. Zero-point adjustment takes place automatically.

Work comfort

  1. Automatic Drive Control (ADC): The ADC automatically adjusts the maximum driving speed to the attachment’s power requirements. At maximum overloading, the drive power is reduced and the engine speed is increased again as soon as the power requirement on the PTO (Power Take-off) shaft is reduced. The Terratrac’s driving speed is increased again without the driver having to intervene, enabling the engine to run economically within the optimum speed range.
  2. TipTronic: The TipTronic allows a highly precise and sensitive speed adjustment and is adjustable at the touch of a button.
  3. ECO drive: The engine speed is reduced while the driving speed remains constant, resulting in reduced fuel consumption and a lower noise level.

  4. Four drive programs

  • Road operation: 100% of the engine output acts on the drive. Full torque at 1300 1/min.
  • Mowing: 30-70% of the engine output acts on the drive. Full torque at 1400 1/min.
  • Snow cutting: 10-20% of the engine output acts on the drive. Full torque at 2000 1/min.
  • Proportional: 30-70% of the engine output acts on the drive. Automotive or proportional driving is selected at the touch of a button.


Cabin: The low-level access to the spacious cabin is very convenient. All controls are arranged ergonomically with a perfect view of the attachments, while the automatic climate control system ensures pleasant temperatures in the dust-proof cab on even the hottest days.

A drive level without compromise: Outstanding ergonomics, comfort and functionality, with pinpoint and ultra-quick instrument control with just one finger. A new drive lever with Smart Navigator is integrated into the armrest and allows for a relaxed posture in any situation.

Comfort seat and swivelling mechanism: The comfort seat can be equipped with air suspension and/or a mechanical/ automatic swivelling meachanism. The air suspension absorbs strong shocks while the swivelling mechanism enables the driver to sit upright on sloping terrain, noticeably increasing the ride comfort.

Cool – with a system: The fan intensity of the cooling system is controlled according to the thermal load in the vehicle, and gives more available power with lower fuel consumption. This is cool technology in the truest sense which thinks for you – ideal for challenging work. The individual coolers can be easily folded up for cleaning, and the engine compartment is easily accessible.

Ventilation: The optional reversible fan automatically and intermittently changes the rotational direction during operation, creating a self-cleaning cooling system with more available output. 

Lighting: The vehicle's basic lighting equipment is available as standard in halogen, optionally also as LED version. The adjustable LED work lamps are integrated forward in the roof as standard and their high position provides optimal illumination. Rear worklights, either as halogen or LED version, are available as an option.


  • Mowing work: Mowing is by far the most common application for the Terratrac. For mowing work in different forage conditions, disc mower, drum mower or portal mower can be used. In the same operation, the forage is prepared by the trailed articulated tedder.
  • Forage harvest:  The Terratrac can easily handle powerful attachments with large working widths. Rotary tedders, belt or swath rakes, balers, wrappers, bale tongs and self-loading wagons can all be used with ease. The quick and easy change of equipment, made possible by the external operation of the hoists, is a welcome addition, especially in the very labour-intensive hay-making industry.
  • Cuttings harvest in wet areas: The low unladen weight, distributed over four wide low-pressure tyres with dual wheels, results in very low ground pressure and makes the Terratrac ideal for reed cutting and harvesting, even in winter on frozen ground.
  • Pasture maintenance: Mulching with the flail mower ensures uniform growth and prevents scrub encroachment on cultivated land. Alpine meadows, forest edges, overgrown areas and slopes can all be efficiently maintained with the Terratrac.
  • Fertilisation: In order to bring in a rich harvest, fertilisation is necessary. The Terratrac can be used to spread fertiliser or liquid manure - even in the most extreme locations.
  • Transport: With its high tractive power, manoeuvrability and continuously variable drive, the Terratrac is an ideal transporter, even in the tightest of spaces. The trailer hitch is height adjustable. while small jobs can also be carried out with the front or rear shovel.
  • Damp and swampy surfaces: The Terratrac is unbeatable when it comes to the care of damp and swampy surfaces. With its crawler chassis, it can access places where conventionally-wheeled vehicles could not reach.

Municipal service

  • Embankments: Equipped with a flail mower, the Terratrac mows steep motorway or road embankments extremely quickly. Interference with traffic flow is kept to a minimum as it operates directly on the embankment, not the hard shoulder or road.
  • Dam maintenance: The Terratrac is perfect for mowing tasks near dams; it protects the sensitive turf, while the high mowing performance allows efficient deployment on extensive dam areas. The driver can use the swivel mechanism to correct the seating position and work in comfort on the steepest slopes.
  • Parks: For fine lawns, sickle mowers with movable cutting decks adapt precisely to the terrain and achieve mowing widths of well over two metres. The attached mowing container simultaneously removes all mowed material.
  • Nature conservation: Reed-grown areas can be mown with the greatest of ease. If the soil is too wet, crawler tracks can prevent the Terratrac from sinking into it. To protect wildlife, gently-operating portal cutter bars are often used, which have a large operating width but a low unladen weight.
  • Green space maintenance: Various green spaces can be maintained using flail, rotary, disc or side mowers. The combination of mower and suction unit makes it possible to collect the cuttings in a single pass.
  • Road cleaning: Roads and pathways can be cleared of leaves in autumn while coarse dirt can swept aside by a brush attachment, like the Schmidt VKS 24. And professional snow clearance and de-icing in winter is one of the Terratrac’s specialities.
  • Transport: Trailer attachments make it possible to transport high loads, while smaller jobs can be performed with the front shovel.
  • Stationary power source: Attachments,