Aebi loading wagons

The new Aebi loading wagons make forage harvesting easier, safer and more efficient. A larger loading volume, up to 11% greater than before, and an increased working width means that a wider swathe of forage can be picked up and loaded. The knives can be locked in place in just one movement, ensuring quick, safe installation and removal. The loading wagons are available in two sizes and can also fit older carrier vehicles. Meanwhile, the drive, pick-up performance, ground clearance, rotors and feed flaps have all been redesigned.

Aebi Combicut attachments

The Aebi Combicut single-axle machine offers great flexibility and scope and, although it is often used and described as a motor mower, it can do much more than just mow. With just a few quick changes, the Combicut can be converted into a snow plough, snow blower, sweeper, leaf blower, chopper, sand, salt and fertiliser spreader -and many more. A selection of attachments can be found in the brochure (German/English/French). If you have any questions or require further information, your dealer or your contact in the local sales organisation will be happy to help you.

Meyer Ploughs & Spreaders

Meyer Ploughs & Spreaders for private and small business owners in Europe

Meyer winter products get the job done. Based on its American heritage, Meyer engineers a powerful selection of contractor-grade snow and ice control equipment built to the highest standards in the industry. Yours. Nobody is more dedicated to getting it done than you. And nobody is more dedicated to make sure you have what it takes than Meyer. Learn more about which of the products are well working in Europe as well.

Sand clearing

As a development partner in sand clearance, Aebi Schmidt offers robust and powerful solutions for use in desert areas on the basis of its many years of competence. According to the individual customer requirements, we ensure that sand clearing can be carried out quickly and efficiently. For further information and advice on sand clearing machines, please contact our sales and development team.