Our Brands

Since March 2019, we have been operating as Aebi Schmidt Group with a uniform and simplified brand structure. Our historically-grown brand world had become somewhat complicated and confusing, but our large and strong brands were an essential part of our product range. We have now integrated the products of smaller and more locally based brands such as Tellefsdal, Broddway, Beilhack or MFH into our range of larger brands. Recently, Arctic and ELP have been added to our brand portfolio.


Aebi, founded in 1883 in Burgdorf, Switzerland, is the world's leading brand for vehicles that enable the safe mechanical cultivation and maintenance of extreme slopes and particularly demanding terrain. In 1976, Aebi launched the first Terratrac on the market, and it remains the benchmark reference in its class today. The current portfolio is supplemented by powerful transporters with implement carrier functions, which enable versatile and multifunctional bodies and attachments. This makes Aebi attractive not only for agriculture, but also to the municipal sector.


Schmidt, founded in 1920 in St. Blasien in Germany, has significantly driven and shaped the technological development of winter maintenance equipment for over 100 years. In addition to ploughs, snow cutters, spreaders and sprayers, a wide range of sweeping machines have been developed since the 1960s. Schmidt has always had, and still has, the ambition to think ahead and offer the best solutions through innovation. It has thus developed into a leading and almost indispensable brand for local authorities, service providers and airports.


In 1934, August Karvonen, the founder of the Arctic brand owner’s precedecessor, Teho, had the vision of producing high performance road maintenance products sophisticated enough to allow the safe passage of traffic. Fifty years later, the company patented the unique side-plough technology in the Scandinavian countries. Arctic today is a leader when it comes to full and comprehensive solutions for both the winter and summer maintenance, not only in Scandinavia, but in the Baltic States and Russia, too.


Nido was founded in the Netherlands in 1949 and is one of the pioneers in pre-wetted salt processing. From the very beginning, the brand has been characterised by a wide variety of different solutions for clearing snow and ice from cycle paths, roads, motorways and airfields with combination or attachment equipment. Thanks to this wide experience and knowledge, Nido is also considered a pioneer in the field of modern, data-driven spreading and dosage techniques which reduce consumption and environmental impact while enabling more efficient and safer operations.


Swenson is the preferred brand partner for winter road maintenance, highway construction and repair, landscaping or hauling. Founded in 1937, it has remained faithful to Illinois throughout the years, today manufacturing in Lindenwood IL. Swenson introduced its first hydraulic spreader in 1962 and is a pioneer of "smart spreading", having introduced the first concept of controlled spreading in 1967. Today, its offering comprises truck and dump bodies, V-box and tailgate spreaders, hydraulic systems and liquid application systems.


Meyer’s decades of innovation are a history lesson in the evolution of snow ploughs. Founded 1926 in Newburgh NY, the company later moved to Cleveland OH. In its early years, it introduced the first hydraulic lift to the North American market and later it invented power angling, which enabled operators to move the plow blade left or right without having to leave the comfort of the cab. Today, Meyer is the first choice of many private truck owners and contractors when it comes to best quality ploughs and winter equipment.


It is often the newcomers which show where the future is heading. Equipements Lourds Papineau (ELP) was founded in 1991, and realised earlier than many others, that our industries aren't looking necessarily for equipment but for solutions. So, although relatively young in the market, ELP’s products have now earned a reputation for their ease of use, speed and effective operational methods. Today, ELP offers a full range of snow removal equipment, various models of dump bodies, spreaders and more, and its patented, interchangeable body system, IBS-100, can change a truck’s purpose in under 10 minutes.


The origin of M-B Companies Inc. dates back to 1907. The company was formed by three German craftsmen, the Meili brothers and Paul Blumberg, in a small workshop in New Holstein WI where, along with other sites, MB is still located. MB built its first broom in 1922 and today is the leading airport equipment brand in many global areas. Next to Airport Snow Removal products, MB’s offer comprises Pavement Marking equipment and a large variety of attachments. Its vision is, and has always been, to be the leader in performance, reliability and customer service.