The Road Maintenance Truck (RMT) solution from Arctic turns any truck into a year-round working machine for every road maintenance need – simply by adding equipment. It is a professional solution which includes a unique, powerful hydraulic control system and tailor-made software, with the option of adding further equipment according to later needs.



  • LS-hydraulic system prevents excessive oil consumption and leads to fuel savings.
  • Smart combination of valves, including individual pressure control, allows the connection of a variety of machines including cranes, hook lifts and tippers, to optimize investment.
  • Fast CAN-BUS control system handles both summer and winter equipment, plus a huge variety of additional working and warning lights.
  • Compact, lightweight and extremely durable equipment attachments, meeting the standards of many different countries.  

Your benefits

  • Only one hydraulic and control system – optimizing investment during full lifetime of the RMT.
  • Intuitive control system with large screen including driver’s assistants, functions and lights configurators.
  • Powerful hydraulics and proportional valves for all important functions ensure precise control when required, as well as fast control in emergency situations.

Product variants


Technical data

Product booklet

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Control system

The factory-designed hydraulic module with integrated electronics and CAN-BUS iRoad smart control system covers specific features especially designed for road maintenance tasks, including telematics. The iRoad smart control system is applicable to year-round road maintenance work, employing smart working logic especially designed for the RMT solution. The RMT is an uncompromising combination of control system linked to hydraulic components which meets all possible power and control requirements. Intuitive and friendly for the driver, the control system provides smart control of executed work for local authorities and company owners.

Working & warning light systems

Safety of work and comfort for drivers are top priorities. Working with clients, interested authorities and other road users over many years, we have created and developed uncompromising solutions to make maintenance work as safe as possible for every road user. Hydraulic packages are standardized for different purposes and experience shows they deliver incredible improvements on terms of safety and a reduction in road accidents during operation.

Mounting plates

All Arctic mounting plates for front ploughs, side ploughs or scraper attachments are of lightweight, professional design and FEM-calculated to ensure the best price to quality ratio. Over 80 years’ experience in the field makes it possible to equip almost any truck with the necessary equipment to meet the demands of the business.

List of equipment to control with RMT solution

  • Front plough
  • Scraper
  • Side plough
  • Truck tipper with its additional functions
  • Trailer tippers
  • Water tank
  • Front washer
  • Front brush
  • Underneath brush
  • Rail sweeper
  • Feed for external equipment (hook lift, crane etc.) with individual pressure supply
  • Wide variety of working lights
  • Wide variety of warning lights