The powerful Senior 2000 trailer sweeper can take up to a ton of sand, gravel or other waste material per minute, making it ideal for tackling road repair work. The milled paving surface material can be conveyed quickly and efficiently to the towing vehicle via a height-adjustable conveyor belt,  while the sweeper reaches sweeping speeds of up to 20 kph. Meanwhile, a height-adjustable drawbar allows easy attachment to various different vehicle heights. The Senior 2000 is not only quieter than comparable suction sweepers, but it also emits considerably less dust.

Schmidt|Senior 2000


  • Loading coarse waste material quickly and direct from the road onto a towing vehicle.
  • Engine technology which thanks to its special design also permits reliable operation in hot (up to 50 ºC), dry and very dusty regions.
  • An efficient spray water system minimizes dust emissions considerably.

Your benefits

  • Efficient operations: A high collection capacity of up to 1.2 tonnes of sand, gravel or millings per minute and a high operating speed of up to 20 kph.
  • Low maintenance: The Senior 2000 has an oil-cooled engine with long maintenance intervals.
  • Reliability: Continuous development of capacity, quality and reliability over the past few years, have brought the Senior 2000 to its present high level of sophistication.

Technical data

Product booklet

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Sweeping technology

The sweeping unit of the Senior 2000 consists of two towed disc brushes with brake-back protection and wear-free direct drive via its hydraulic motor. The hydraulic lifting and lowering of disc brushes, including hydraulic brush ground pressure, can be controlled via the control panel. The Senior 2000 has also a rear-mounted roller brush and enables a wear-free direct drive of the roller broom via the hydraulic motor.

Collection and conveying system

Two side-mounted disc brushes in front of the axle move the debris to the centre, while a roller brush arranged behind the axle transports the debris directly to the generously dimensioned elevator. The contact pressure of the roller brush is adjusted manually, quickly and easily. At the end of the elevator, the debris is taken by height-adjustable conveyor belt and loaded onto the truck’s platform. The continuously adjustable conveyor belt speed allows even spreading of the debris across the truck’s loading platform, while to protect it from dust, the elevator is equipped with an aluminium guard.

Water system

The steel water tank is directly integrated into the vehicle's base frame and has a capacity of 1,150 litres. The water spray nozzles of the sweeping unit are supplied by a hydraulic diaphragm pump with a flow rate of up to 36 litres per minute.


All main functions are conveniently operated from the vehicle cabin via a user-friendly and straightforward control panel. Starting/stopping the engine is also possible via the control panel.


The Senior 2000 is powered by an oil-cooled engine. A hydraulic double gear pump is conncted directly to the diesel engine. The hydraulics supply the water pump, the roller brush, the disc brushes, the elevator and the conveyor belt. 


The height-adjustable drawbar allows easy adjustment to different vehicle heights.  Various drawbar eyes and an optional hydraulic swivel drawbar are also available.