The Wasa 300is the perfect partner to clean streets in small towns and communities, along with industrial and port areas. The high performance towed sweeper picks up dirt mechanically, thereby avoiding large amounts of fine dusty exhaust fumes. The Wasa 300+ offers other interesting options and is ideal for many sweeping tasks, as well as complying with the top four-star level PM10/2.5 certification.

Schmidt|Wasa 300⁺


  • Large surface capacity of up to 48,000m2 thanks to its large hopper and tank capacity
  • Outstanding manoeuvrability due to slim drawbar with swivelling function
  • The top four-star level of the PM10/PM2.5 certification

Your benefits

  • Maximum sweeping performance: The Wasa 300+ offers maximum sweeping performance and can be used for even the coarsest dirt. The large 3.0m³ hopper enables large areas and routes to be covered effectively. A large surface capacity of up to 48,000m² is possible thanks to the large hopper and tank capacity.
  • Environmentally friendly hydraulic system: The sweeper is driven by an environmentally friendly hydraulic system which operates silently even at full power and is suitable for operation with organic oil.
  • Best certification: The Wasa 300+ fulfils the best level of the PM10/PM2.5 certification with four stars. It has no suction fan and thus avoids large amounts of particulate matter.
  • Easy handling: The Wasa 300+ has been designed so that all relevant components are easily accessible and all necessary adjustments and repairs can be carried out easily.
  • Low noise emission: The extremely low noise level permits its use in residential and urban areas.

Sweeping technology

The sweeping unit of the Wasa 300+ consists of two towed disc brushes with brake-back protection and wear-free direct drive via an hydraulic motor. The hydraulic lifting and lowering of the disc brushes, and hydraulic brush ground pressure, can be controlled via the control panel. The Wasa 300+ has a rear-mounted roller brush and enables a wear-free direct drive of the roller brush via the hydraulic motor. An innovative, adjustable roller brush cover ensures optimum sweeping results.

Suction system

Two disc brushes mounted on the sides in front of the axle transport the debris to the centre; the roller brush located behind the axle transports the debris to the generously proportioned hopper via a broad elevator. The high throughput rate of the elevator is ensured by the 60° fitting position and the continuously variable transport speed control. The smooth running of the elevator is ensured by a top-mounted hydraulic motor.

Water system

The non-corrosive plastic water tanks, mounted left and right, have a total capacity of 1,100 litres, and can be swung outwards for cleaning and maintenance work. Meanwhile, the 12 spray nozzles of the sweeping unit are supplied by a hydraulic water pump with a flow rate of up to 36 l/min.

Sweeping material hopper

The Wasa 300+ has a steel hopper with a 3m³ capacity. The discharge height is 1,750 mm. The hopper is tipped hydraulically, while an hydraulically extendible support additionally protects the vehicle from tipping over. The hopper’s conical shape is optimised to ensure safe and quick discharge.


All functions are conveniently operated from the vehicle cabin via a logically-arranged control panel. All relevant information is displayed on the graphic display.


The Wasa 300+'s hydraulic system is driven by the PTO (power take-off) of the towing vehicle. The oil temperature is monitored by sensors and a warning message is issued if the temperature is too high or too low.


For the Wasa 300+ both bottom or top coupling is available. A slim drawbar enables outstanding manoeuvrability and a large steering angle, while various drawbar eyes and an optional hydraulic swivel drawbar are also available.