The S 3000 is an easy "plug and play" salt solution station and an ideal addition to the winter maintenance programmes of road administrators, towns and municipalities.  Many more authorities are opting for spreading pre-wetted salt due to its better adhesion and faster thawing effect, which in turn leads to greater road safety, lower salt consumption and reduced costs. It is also less harmful to the environment as lower salt dosages and precise spreading patterns ensure a reduced environmental impact.

Schmidt|S 3000


  • Effective winter road clearance
  • 'Plug and play' solution
  • Reduced environmental impact
  • High operational reliability and simple operation
  • Fully automatic regulated unit (optional)

Your benefits

  • Compact dimensions: The S 3000 takes up little space and is inobtrusive, even out of season.
  • Easy to relocate: The unit can be easily moved with the help of a forklift or a lifting truck.
  • Safety: essential parts are protected against freezing.


The S 3000 salt-dissolving station has been developed as a "plug and play" solution and is designed to be extended with additional modular components, such as a fully automatic regulated unit or a 5,000 litre storage tank. The compact S 3000 produces about 2,000 litres of unsaturated solution (20-22%) per hour. With coarse salt, up to 3,000 litre per hour is also possible. The salt solution unit has a switching function and a connection point for an external source and filling pump. The accumulated dirt is efficiently discharged via the two lower valves. An insulated dissolving compartment can be filled with a wheel loader. The control cabinet, pumps, hoses and water supply are protected against freezing to ensure operational readiness at all times.

Preparation of the salt solution

Wet salt is suitable for almost all winter weather conditions down to a temperature of -10 °C. However, the decisive factor is the brine required for pre-wetted salt spreading. Too low a concentration can cause freezing, while too high a concentration and a saturated solution can lead to crystallisation and malfunctions of the system.

The S3000 is a so-called 'up-flow solver'. This means that the dissolving process starts under the salt as a saturated solution flows upwards. Afterwards, the brine is diluted to a 20% concentration.

The production of an unsaturated solution has two very important advantages:

Trouble-free operation: No crystallisation can take place. This is important for a trouble-free function of the spreader and the equipment.

No need for circulation pumps: The unsaturated solution makes regular circulation pumping unnecessary as the solution cannot settle at this concentration.


  • “Automat” - An optional, fully automatic controlled unit with:
    • Display for concentration and sensor report status
    • Concentration adjustable from 17-22%
    • Concentration measuring through maintenance free sensor
    • Overflow protection
    • Run out of salt indication
    • Debris removal indication

Other options include:

  • 5,000 litre polyester storage tank with connection set, maximum level switch and spreader filling set
  • Concentration analyser
  • Tarpaulin
  • Folding cover
  • 3.5 m³ stacking frame
  • Dirt collection tray on swivel castors


The local regulations regarding connections, authorisation, operation, underground drainage and storage must be observed at all times.