The FS HP snow cutter-blowers are suitable as attachments to a wide range of carrier vehicles for professional use, whether municipal or private, for clearing snow from all types of traffic areas. Carrier vehicles in the 75-300 hp power class are ideal. The FS HP series is made of highly wear-resistant materials to withstand the heavy loads of winter service. The snow cutter-blowers are available in different clearing widths from 1,600 mm up to 2,650 mm and can thus be designed to suit the carrier vehicles and needs.

Schmidt|FS HP


  • For professional snow clearance
  • Side cutters for excellent steering characteristics
  • Multiple attachment options on various carrier vehicles: Unimog, tractors, etc.

Your benefits

  • Robust construction: The cutter-blowers can withstand heavy loads and forces when clearing snow.
  • Flexibility: The wide range of models allows for use on different roads.
  • High clearing performance: The optimised impeller and its geometry ensure a high clearing performance and wide snow casting.

Technical data

Product booklet

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Clearing technology

The clearing unit of the snow cutter-blowers consists of a two-stage snow cutter-blower system. The cutter drums are equipped with double-threaded open cutting spirals (slow-running) and feed the snow to the impeller (fast-running). The casting chute is used to achieve targeted snow ejection.

Cutter drum

The cutter drums with the double-threaded open cutting spirals guarantee optimum snow transport to the impeller due to the cutting blades that become wider towards the inside. The outside mounted cutter drums ensure a stable hold and, in combination with the attached side cutters, very good steerability of the carrier vehicle is ensured.
The cutter drums are driven via a robust central mounted bevel gear and are protected by self-readjusting clutches.


The optimised impeller and its geometry ensure the high clearing performance and a wide snow casting. The ejection distance depends on the speed of the blower wheel, i.e. the PTO speed or the amount of hydraulic oil supplied by the carrier vehicle.

Casting chute

The snow cutter-blowers have a 275° hydraulically rotating and foldable chute for targeted snow ejection. The snow is dynamically bundled in the chute to form a compact snow jet. The hydraulically operated ejection flaps change the casting range, while the chute turning device changes the direction of the snow jet. The snow can be thrown to the side via the chute or equally loaded onto a truck.

Drive system

Depending on the carrier vehicle, the power supply is either mechanical, provided by the PTO and a gearbox or via the power hydraulics.

Attachment / mounting variants

The snow cutter-blowers can be equipped with the following attachments/devices, which include hydraulic slope compensation:

  • Attachment device including lifting device and mounting plate according to EN, DIN or VSS.
  • Attachment devices for wheel loaders
  • Three-point linkage of categories II and III

Cutting head

To ensure that the snow cutter-blowers withstand the high loads, forces and wear, the components are made of highly wear-resistant materials. The lateral snow blades are integrated and capture/cut the snow.
The ground clearance can be defined using sliding shoes or optional castor wheels. The screwed-on side deflectors serve as collision protection.


  • Hydraulic longitudinal tilt compensation
  • Parking trolley
  • LED marker lights
  • Transport protection device