The Tarron range of multi-blade snow ploughs are designed for the high-performance clearance of heavy accumulations of snow. They can be mounted flexibly on trucks, Unimogs and tractors. Hard-packed and icy snow is no problem for the snow ploughs, which boast a 25 degree angle of attack on the cutting edge.



  • A powerful 25° snow plough blade with an excellent damping override system using a shock absorber mount with over-expansion stop and optional stabilising springs.
  • Efficient and reliable clearance of any remaining snow by means of a hydraulic fine-finish blade.
  • Raised share for extra high and wide snow ejection.

Your benefits

  • Precise steering link control and spring-loaded blade for thorough and powerful clearing.
  • Safe navigation of obstacles without damage to the snow plough, thanks to the automatic override system.
  • Low-noise clearing makes clearing easier within built-up areas.

Product variants

Plough blade

Particularly high and wide snow removal is achieved by the flow-optimised, rounded blade shape, operating at a 25° angle and being raised on the right. The outside blades are tensioned with an extra spring for increased pressure.

Each blade segment is equipped with four rigid links for optimal guiding. The torsion-resistant links are mounted in bearings with polyurethane bushings. This helps reduce noise, as do the polymer blade stops on each blade segment.

Override security system

In conjunction with the shock absorber mount, the blade sections can deflect around obstacles to prevent damage. After each obstacle, a powerful blade retaining spring returns the sections back to the clearing position. A shock absorber mount between the cutting edge and the plough absorbs all the tractive forces.

Lifting device

The three-point lift with automatic transverse tilt compensation enables the plough to be raised and lowered accurately and straight. A swing device moves the plough automatically between working and transport positions. The hydraulic lift and swivel cylinders of the lifting system are made of stainless steel piston rod for improved resistance.

Hydraulic angling system

Lateral adjustment is actuated by two powerful double-action swivel cylinders that position the Tarron in the selected clearing position without backlash.

Kerb deflectors

The side deflectors help keep the plough from scraping against kerbs and edges when clearing in urban areas.

Snow deflector

The snow deflector is made of elastic polyurethane, with patented joint covers to prevent slush getting between the blades.


The mounting device is height-adjustable, so that Tarron series ploughs can be positioned correctly on different vehicle mounting plates.


  • Steel or polyurethane blade enlargement
  • Fine-finish blade for the MS 32, 34, 36 and 40
  • Warning marks, warning flags or LumiFog
  • LED marker lights