The U-LS series of powerful Vario snow ploughs is ideal for clearing snow from large areas and crossroads and collecting snow in confined spaces. The U-LS series is suitable for mounting on almost all tractors and front loaders and is available in various models and sizes from 3,700 - 5,500mm.



  • Flexible plough form
  • Available in different sizes: 3,700 - 5,500mm
  • Override security system

Your benefits

  • Individual adaptation: Can be used as a U-shaped or a one-sided snow plough.
  • Flexibility: The adaptable geometry of the plough offers flexibility in clearing snow from confined spaces.
  • Versatility: Suitable for almost all tractors and front loaders.

Plough blade

The U-LS plough blade consists of three central, left and right ploughshares. The adaptable geometry of the snow plough offers flexibility in snow clearance and can be used as a U-shaped or one-sided snow plough. The plough blades can be swivelled and hydraulically adjusted while driving. The U-LS series is available in different sizes from 3700 - 5500mm.

Override security system

An automatic override system ensures that obstacles are safely driven over. All ploughshares are divided into individual spring-mounted sections that swing backwards when an obstacle is encountered, and each section has its own rubber suspension.

Lifting and angling device

The plough can be swivelled in both directions by 30° (U-LS 3700 - 4300) or 35° (U-LS 4000 - 5500). The side wings can be swivelled forward by 90°, which creates a U-shape with a great snow collection performance and reduced transport width. The central pendulum frame allows a lateral swing of +/- 2.5°, or a parallelogram can be used for mounting on the carrier vehicle. The central part of the plough blade and the side wings can be supplied in different widths to meet individual requirements.


The hydraulics of the unit are supplied by the carrier vehicle, while the hydraulic cylinders are protected against overload by shock valves. All functions can be conveniently operated from the driver's cab.


It takes only a few minutes to attach and remove the U-LS series of snow ploughs, which is perfect for vehicles with mounting plates.


  • Grille flap
  • Further options on request