BK rail track and switch sweeper

The BK front-mounted sweeper is a hydraulically driven sweeper designed for snow removal and rail track cleaning. The brush roller is driven by the centrally arranged hydraulic motor via bevel gears, cardan shafts and chain drive. The brush core can be equipped with disc brushes of various materials. The hydraulic lifting device allows for lifting the brush roller by approx. 430 mm and underfloor operation at approx. 200 mm.


The large brush roller diameter of 940 mm permits high circumferential speeds and high sweeping capacities. In addition, the brush roller is very resistant to circumferential wear.

The hydraulic lateral adjustment makes it possible to swivel the machine by up to 30° to the right and left. Swivelling with a four-bar linkage (symmetrical swivelling) permits the brush roller to be aligned almost centrally to the rails in any position. The BK front-mounted sweeper is available in different working widths.

Beilhack BK