Constant-Position Snow Plough

CP single-blade constant position snow plough


For larger quantities of snow in the city, town and region.

Those that don't just want to clear snow in the town but, for example, also on rural main roads should opt for the CP snow plough. The constant position snow plough can be attached to carrier vehicles, tractors and lorries and is suitable for aggressive snow clearance. Choose a hard or soft clearing setting: if you want to minimise the use of gritting salt, the CP allows for aggressive and very thorough clearing. This is thanks to the considerable restoring force on the cutting edge which allows considerable ground pressure. Should more aggressive clearing not be necessary, the CP can be fitted with rubber cutting edges and put into floating position.


The special blade form and its wide positioning angle guarantee clean removal of snow. In the case of slow snow clearance, short-distance depositing occurs; in the case of faster clearance speeds you get wide snow distribution, which helps avoid walls of snow building up.


Technical data

Height of plough (mm) 1,010 1,010
Cutting edge length (mm) 2,700 3,000
Clearing width 32° (mm) 2,290 2,540
Number of edges 3 3
Approximate weight (kg) 685 720