Our de-mountable SK sweeper series is designed exclusively for mounting on a Unimog for cleaning city centre areas, streets and industrial areas. Thanks to its efficient and well thought out product design, mounting and demounting is quick and easy. The Unimog’s power hydraulics render any additional auxiliary engine superfluous.

Schmidt|SK Unimog


  • Safe and proven quick change system
  • Pulled sweeping unit ensures less wear
  • Optional equipment for wet cleaning work

Your benefits

  • Compact design: Sweeper series optimally adapted to the Unimog
  • Manoeuvrability: Compact design and small turning circle
  • Rapid deployment: Quick-change system allows fast assembly and disassembly

Product variants

Sweeping system

The towed sweeping unit features disc brush, roller brush and V-shaped suction nozzle fitted between the axles. This means less wear on the brushes and a system that follows the road perfectly for maxiumum protection.

Water system

The water tank is made of corrosion-free fibre-reinforced plastic with a capacity of 1,000 litres. The fresh water pump supplies the disc brushes, roller brush and suction nozzle with spray water to bind fine dust particles with up to four bar / 40 l / min. A high-pressure cleaner (15 litres/ 100 bar) with a lance, 20m hose and automatic hose reel for cleaning work are available as an option.

Sweeping material hopper

The hopper features a non-corrosive steel floor pan. Hydraulic tipping to the rear, at a 47° tipping angle, can be operated via the control panel. The tailgate can also be hydraulically locked and opened. The hopper has a practical observation flap and a foldable, integrated leaf screen.


All functions are conveniently operated via a control panel in the cabin next to the driver's seat. The Unimog VarioPilot operates without removing the control panel, while the high-performance blower is controlled via the Unimog's hydraulic circuit.

Quick-change system

The SK has a base frame with ball-point mounts. Crank jacks are available for demounting the equipment. There are also quick-release couplings for the safe connection and disconnection of hydraulics, electrics, pneumatics and water. These enable quick and easy mounting and demounting.

Suction nozzle drive and hydraulics

The SK is driven hydraulically via the power hydraulics of the Unimog and the sweeping units are driven via hydraulic circuits one and two of the Unimog.