The S 3.1 is a side snow blower suitable for both local use and further afield. It has been designed for the effective removal of edge walls after snowplough clearance, and the snow can either be ejected or loaded onto trucks. The S 3.1 operates according to the proven hollow blower system and can comfortably handle the removal of large quantities of snow.

Schmidt|S 3.1


  • Effective removal of peripheral walls
  • Removal of both large and small amounts of snow
  • Targeted and wide snow ejection

Your benefits

  • For easy and flexible snow ejection, the chute can be rotated through 360°.
  • The S 3.1 provides thorough snow collection and removal even in low snow depths.
  • quick-change device enables quick installation and operational readiness.

Clearing technology

The S 3.1 is equipped with a 1.50m wide feed plough that deflects the snow to the blower wheel, giving a consistent clearing result over a width of 2,000mm. The widely projecting tips of the four-bladed blower wheel ensure perfect snow pick-up even when the snow is thin.

Drive system

The S 3.1 is driven by a chain drive directly connected to the PTO shaft of the carrier vehicle via a Cardan shaft. A shear bolt on the connecting flange to the blast wheel protects the machine in case of contact with unforeseen obstacles.

Adjustable clearance

With the S 3.1, snow can either be ejected over distance or loaded onto trucks, while the blower wheel housing is hydraulically adjustable left or right. With the hydraulic slewing ring, the discharge chute can be rotated through 360°. A pre-cutting propeller is mounted on the throwing wheel to loosen compacted snow and is protected against damage by a shear bolt. A pre-cutting propeller is mounted on the blower wheel to loosen extremely hard snow.


The S 3.1 has a quick-change device for speedy mounting on the unit plate of the carrier vehicle so it is ready for use in a very short time. As it is directly driven via the PTO shaft, no further drive is necessary. The S 3.1 is suitable for the Unimog carrier vehicles: U 300, U 400, U 500 and the U 900 to U 1600 series, plus a variety of other carrier vehicles.