The PS is a single-bladed lateral snow plough for efficient winter service on motorways. In conjunction with the PV motorway snow plough, it delivers a highly effective clearing width on wide traffic routes. The two ploughs together in combination with several vehicles are particularly effective and maximum clearing widths of up to 17 metres are possible when three vehicles are deployed.



  • Optimum clearance characteristics and reliable construction
  • Power-flow and shape-optimised blade body for optimum snow ejection
  • Can be used in all types of snow and road conditions

Your benefits

  • Clean clearing results even at high speeds.
  • Blade segments automatically adapt to uneven road surfaces.
  • In addition to the standard version, the PS is also available in a low profile design for areas with less snow.

Plough blade

The PS is designed as a single-bladed side plough for right-hand clearance with a power-flow and shape-optimised blade body for optimum snow ejection. The plough is attached to the side of the vehicle by means of a quick-change mounting device.

In addition to the standard version, the side plough is also available in a low profile design for areas with less snow.

Override security system

The automatic override security system provides the greatest possible protection against damage to the vehicle and plough and ensures continuous snow clearance. The protective equipment enhances driving comfort and increases operator safety.


Extension and retraction, and lifting and lowering, are all performed hydraulically, while the PS has a hydraulic safety device to prevent overloading. Lateral forces are applied behind the rear axle, thus ensuring track stability during clearing operations.

Electro-hydraulic transport lock

The transport lock prevents unintentional lowering and extension of the plough. The plough is operated from the driver's cab.


A wheelbase of at least 3800 mm, and a clearance in front of the rear's axle's front spring bearing, is required for mounting the side plough. For vehicles with two rear axles, a longer extension cylinder is used.

Parking supports ensure safe mounting and demounting of the plough, while standard castors allow the parked plough to be moved and help the mounting operation.

A clamping device with a 15-20 mm thickness ensures quick and safe changing of the cutting edges. Different types of cutting edges are possible depending on the intended use.