IntelliOPS Premium (Winter & Summer equipment)

Even more features with the IntelliOPS premium version

The premium version of IntelliOPS provides a full range of route comparison and invoicing features on top of the basic version capabilities. The basic version provides live monitoring, selection and analysing options.


Route comparison module

Winter maintenance operations can be facilitated by driver assistant systems, like the Schmidt AutoLogic system. A graphical view of  the default route and activities as well as automatically spreading supports the driver in ending his route optimally and without errors.


The IntelliOPS platform can import various formats of these routes and use them to check and compare with the actual driven route. Escalations like driving on a wrong route, wrong dosages and widths are signalled immediately and shown live on the screen. The responsible operation manager can act directly on these warnings and errors. At the end of each operation a complete report can be created, which gives an overview of wrong actions during operations.


Invoicing module

One key factor in working with contractors is the ability to generate and send invoices automatically. IntelliOPS premium provides accurate billing based on the executed operations. With the invoicing module it is possible to generate custom overviews and aggregation of totals.


Your benefits:

  • Optimize your routes
  • Reduced demand for de-icing materials
  • Clear and easy invoicing


Entry level standard version? Click here