IntelliOPS Standard (Winter & Summer equipment)

Keep track of your equipment

The IntelliOPS data technology offers extensive monitoring, selection and analysing options for your clearing and cleaning operations.


How it works

Each machine is fitted with GPS and a data controller. The data con­troller collects all kind of activity data like location, operation mode, driving speed, amount of de-icing material, working width and so on. The retrieved activity data is then transferred to a secure cloud-based environment.


Getting a quick overview

The secure web based IntelliOPS application enables swift performance evaluation. The activity data from the machines can be monitored live on various maps. Different colours show the type of operations (spreading, spraying, ploughing, sweeping etc.). This will allow you to control your clearing and cleaning activities as if you were sitting next to the driver yourself!


Clear reporting

With the reporting function it is possible to check the spreading and sweeping journeys, monitor the results and the consumption of the actual de-icing material as well as retrieve an extensive justification report.


Analysing and improving

The system provides detailed information on all activities via a wide range of surveys and graphs. Clear detailed overviews can be created according to your individual requirements. This enables you to optimise your operations and improve the quality of your actions.


Application features:

  • All machine data is available online, regardless of the time and place
  • Live monitoring of your de-icing, snow clearance and sweeping activities
  • Easy-to-understand reports on operating times, material usage and stock levels
  • Valuable insights into your operational activities as a whole
  • Legally compliant documentation


Your benefits:

  • Optimize your working process
  • More efficient operations
  • Fuel and material savings


The IntelliOPS platform supports all the (EN-15430 based) Aebi Schmidt (like Stratos and Syntos) and competitor winter machines. It also supports sweepers like the Swingo and Cleango.


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