The world’s only pre-wet salt spreader made of polyethylene


We have developed a mountable and attachable spreader designed specifically to meet the need for equipment that offers longevity and maximum cost-effectiveness. As the world’s first pre-wet salt spreader made of polyethylene for professional use, the Syntos represents a groundbreaking innovation that we will increasingly be offering our customers in the coming years.


The resilient Syntos is an excellent, high-quality product that is every bit as robust as its metal counterparts. Just like our other spreader models, the Syntos possesses very high dosing accuracy and delivers an even spreading pattern. This series is suitable for mounting onto flatbeds, pick-ups or narrow-track vehicles as well as for carrier vehicles (small lorries, tractors, four-wheel drive cars). Its easy-to-clean hopper is made of polyethylene, while the chute and spreading discs are made of stainless steel; a material combination that guarantees perfect corrosion protection. The Syntos is based on our tried and tested Stratos components, but stands out with its improved geometry that creates a lower centre of gravity. This is supplemented by a liquid tank integrated into the hopper to permit very even distribution.

The Syntos is operated via fully road-speed related EC control that is highly ergonomic thanks to its handy dial knobs and backlit buttons. Optionally, we also offer a fully road speed related EP control system featuring a large and very easyto-read graphic display or the road-speed related ES control with 7" colour touchscreen.