Drive unit for the attachments

The drive unit is seated on the loading platform of the carrier vehicle (rail track vehicle). The drive unit consists of a diesel engine with the required peripheral systems (cooling system, combustion air system, exhaust system, starter, batteries, etc.).

The exhaust emission levels of the engine meet the requirements of the EuroMot 4/Tier 4 emission standard for mobile machines.


A pump transfer gearbox is flanged to the engine via an elastic coupling. The flanged-on pumps drive all units on the clearing head as well as other attachments; the hydraulic control of the units is also supplied via additional pumps. The corresponding hydraulic connections are fitted at the vehicle`s rear.

The hydraulic and fuel tank required for this purpose and the hydraulic valve blocks are located in a well-protected position under the unit`s cover.

The motor unit and the attachments are operated via an instrument panel in the driver`s cabin that contains all necessary operating functions.

There are two such instrument panels in the driver`s cabin, one in each direction of travel.