BSPF profile ice cutter

The profile ice cutter is particularly suitable for removing hard or icy snow deposits between and next to the rails. For additional cleaning of the rails, a scraper of hardened steel is guided just above the top of the rail. Each cutting drum transports the ice into one of altogether 4 pivoted ejection chutes. The cutting depth can be variably adjusted. Clearing below the top of the rail is possible. The clearing width of the individual drums is adapted to the respective track width.


The profile ice cutter features 4 rotating cutting drums arranged on a driveshaft. The drums are driven by 2 hydraulic motors. The drums are fitted with wear-resistant cutting helices. The chutes can be hydraulically adjusted via a slewing ring, making it possible to adjust the ejection direction from the driver`s cabin. The cutting drums each have a shear pin to protect them from excessive load.

The clearing head is divided at the centre and can be unfolded via hinges. Once unfolded, the shear pins for the inner cutting drums are easily accessible.

The clearing head is lifted and lowered via forklift profiles with worm gear spindles or hydraulic cylinders.

The BSPF profile ice cutter is available for three different track widths: 1,000 mm, 1,435 mm and 1,520 mm.

Beilhack BSPF