PB combination snow plough

As a rule, we manufacture two different snow ploughs as attachments for rail vehicles. One variant is the BKP rigid V-type ploughs. These V-type ploughs only have a lifting device.


In addition, we offer PB variable multipurpose snow ploughs.
These variable V-type PB ploughs have two blades. Each blade can be adjusted separately by means of a generously dimensioned hydraulic cylinder. Based on this, the snow plough can be used both as a V-type plough with snow ejection on both sides and as a one-sided snow plough with snow ejection on one side.

The blade design is optimised as regards flow of snow as well as snow ejection height and distance. This results in an excellent view of the track to be cleared.


The hourglass-shaped central portion of the PB 400 plough serves as a pivot point and support for both blade sections. The special thing about this design principle is the possibility of unlimited operation in all intermediate positions. Using special equipment, it is possible to move the plough blades up to end position during transport operations. During clearing operations, the blade wings can be slightly swivelled out to extend the plough in clearing position. This is particularly important with very long carrier vehicles with strongly limited clearance.


The snow plough has an extremely solid and sturdy design to cope with the forces occurring during track clearing operations. The parallel lifting device offers a great lifting height while being attached close to the vehicle. Lifting and lowering takes place via a hydraulic cylinder.


Optional castor wheels:

  • To relieve the carrier vehicle
    Ground pressure adjustable via the lifting system, precise guidance even at high clearing speeds
  • Clearing height adjustable from 10 to 70 mm
  • Rubber-cushioned castor wheels
  • Wear-resistant wheel body
  • Large wheel diameter, low rotational speed
Beilhack PB

  • Beilhack PB