PB 600G

The PB 600G is a particularly powerful V-type snow plough, which, thanks to its flow-optimised blade design, can be used for quick rail track clearance at high speeds.

Due to its double-blade design, the PB 600G can be employed as a variable V-type plough. Each blade can be adjusted separately by means of a generously dimensioned hydraulic cylinder. Based on this, the snow plough can be used both as a V-type plough with snow ejection on both sides and as a one-sided snow plough with snow ejection on one side.

The plough, including a driver`s cabin, is mounted on an individual carrier vehicle, resulting in excellent view of the track to be cleared.

Today`s advanced communication techniques make it possible to optionally operate the pusher vehicle from the driver`s cabin of the plough.

Since the machine is independent of the pusher vehicle, the usually limited axle loads of the pusher vehicle need not be taken into account.

The pusher vehicles can be quickly used for other applications without lengthy modification or demounting work. As a more affordable variant, the PB 600G can also be delivered without a driver`s cab only with a carrier vehicle.

Geschobener Hochleistungsschneepflug Beilhack PB 600 G

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