Load-sensing hydraulic system

The load-sensing hydraulic system for MERCEDES-BENZ trucks functions when the vehicle is stationary as well as in motion. A motor-dependent auxiliary drive must in any case be available.


The load sensing system makes several, separate circuits available, according to need. The volume flow amounts are automatically regulated according to the power requirement of the gear being used.


It is advisable to use a load-sensing system whenever several different load circuits at various pressures and outputs are to be supplied.


Example: A motorway maintenance vehicle carrying a spreader with a spreading quantity regulator, a front plough with extendable blade, a lateral plough, a dumping truck tipping to three sides, a crane with or without an LS signal, a quick-change facility and a road marker trailer.


NB: when ordering the vehicle, the basic MERCEDES-BENZ model must be equipped with the corresponding accessories code for the auxiliary drive for the motor.