Are you already thinking about the future? So are we. In the near future, digitisation and the associated technological advances will enable new business models, processes and machines along the entire value chain. Today, we offer machines and services already equipped for the future – and here you can read more about a selection of next generation developments which we are already working on.

Autonomous Operations

Automated and autonomous systems lead to substantial performance improvement, cost savings, increased flexibility and, above all, greater levels of safety. An integrated system enables flexible deployment, improved security of staff as well as decreased training efforts and costs. Automated clearing decreases operational risks and damage as well as offering improved fuel efficiency and environmentally friendlier operations.

Automation has become an integral part of our everyday life. However, the use of automated and autonomous systems, especially on the airfield, cannot be co-ordinated with a standardised universal solution. Without exception, it is necessary to take into account the specific conditions and to adapt the systems step by step. This is why we would not sell you standard systems; instead we draw on our long experience and map them against your current processes to find the optimal efficiency levels.

When it comes to autonomous driving, we’re working in co-operation with CPAC Systems, part of the Volvo Group, to develop and refine the three-step approach further. CPAC is passionate when it comes to technology-driven business development and its track record goes back to 2003 when it launched the first enabling platform. We’re also proud to co-operate with Lab1886, the business innovation unit of Mercedes-Benz AG, and with Daimler Truck AG in the area of automated snow removal, one of many applications of Mercedes’ AXYARD technology. And we’re thrilled to be part of project "Smart Fleet" which is a joint project between Stuttgart Airport, the Aebi Schmidt Group and Volk Fahrzeugbau. Its aim is to develop fully automated vehicle prototypes by 2022 and to test them in real time conditions on run-ways, aprons and taxiways.

Predictive Maintenance

Imagine how much trouble and cost you could save yourself if you knew in advance exactly when a part would wear out and need to be replaced! Of course, it is already possible today to be advised or controlled by digital solutions with the help of empirical data. You can subscribe to maintenance alerts within our systems, which will show you at an early stage when a component needs to be replaced or serviced. But neither you nor our systems know how much snow is falling or exactly how much cleaning is required. Both factors have a direct, but not as yet foreseeable, influence on the wearing out of parts.

Not yet. But our experts are working today on solutions that will allow you in the future to estimate and budget for necessary maintenance in various scenarios at a very early stage. Preventive maintenance is today. But predictive maintenance is tomorrow.