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The emission of carbon dioxide is not a mystery. It is simply physics. One liter of diesel equates to 2.64 kilograms of CO2. If your diesel engine needs six liters that means 15 kg/CO2. For a compact sweeper working for 1500 hours per year that could mean: 23,760 kg/CO2 per year or a staggering 118,800 kg/CO2 in five years.

To compensate for the CO2 emissions of a diesel compact sweeper you would need to plant 1,800 trees a year. But, with our new eSwingo 200+ CO2 emissions now equal zero*.

*Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources



Assumption that electric power is made from regenerative energy sources.

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TCO Calculator

When deciding between a diesel or an electric compact sweeper, determining a machines' Total Cost of Ownership – consisting of the costs of buying, operating and maintaining – can provide a bigger picture regarding its value over time. Use our TCO calculator to calculate the savings you can achieve by using an electric instead of a diesel compact sweeper. Fill in a few details about your costs and operational details and the calculator below provides you an estimated total saving.

Savings calculator

Energy savings

Savings on annual energy costs per machine and year.

Maintenance savings

Savings on annual service and maintenance costs per machine and year.

Savings whole life cycle

Savings over the life cycle per machine (10 years).

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