Schmidt|Multigo 150
The smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt sweeper family is flexibly expandable and can be combined with many attachments and mountable equipment for both summer and winter road maintenance.
Schmidt|eSwingo 200⁺
De eSwingo 200 + is de eerste volledig elektrische compacte veegmachine van Schmidt.
Schmidt|Swingo 200⁺
The Swingo 200 + is the ideal solution for daily cleaning jobs on footpaths and cycle paths in inner-city areas, as well as in industrial areas or car parks.
Schmidt|Cleango 500
The mid-range Cleango 500 is ideal for a host of daily cleaning jobs in a wide variety of inner-city and urban areas, including pedestrianised zones, footpaths and cycle paths or in industrial areas.
Schmidt|Street King 660
De Street King 660 is een bijzonder krachtige en efficiënte truck-gemonteerde veegmachine.
Schmidt|SK 500 - 700
The SK range of truck-mounted sweepers are specially designed for high-speed cleaning and operating over long distances.
Schmidt|SK Unimog
Our de-mountable SK sweeper series is designed exclusively for mounting on a Unimog for cleaning city centre areas, streets and industrial areas.
Schmidt|Wasa 300⁺
The Wasa 300 +  is the perfect partner to clean streets in small towns and communities, along with industrial and port areas.
The towed MSH trailer sweepers are extremely agile and easy to use machines that can work effectively even in tight spaces, while the very low noise level makes them ideal partners in residential and urban areas.
Schmidt|Senior 2000
The powerful Senior 2000 trailer sweeper can take up to a ton of sand, gravel or other waste material per minute, making it ideal for tackling road repair work.
The LKS is a mounted sweeper designed for front mounting on narrow track vehicles.
The VKS series of mounted sweepers is designed for front and rear mounting on medium and heavy carrier vehicles such as Unimog, trucks, tractors and others.
Schmidt|AS 990 / ASC 990
Safety at the airport is top priority. The high-speed AS 990 sweeper cleans all service and traffic areas of the airport with outstanding sweeping efficiency, so that follow-up damage caused by FOD (foreign objects debris) is prevented.
Schmidt|AS 660
The AS 660 is an extremely powerful and efficient truck-mounted sweeper that is specially designed and perfectly matched to meet the needs of airports.
Schmidt|MFH 550
The MFH 550 is ideal for daily cleaning jobs in inner city areas, on footpaths and cycle paths and in industrial areas.
Schmidt|MFH 250
The MFH 250 is the ideal solution for daily cleaning jobs in inner city areas, on footpaths and cycle paths, industrial areas or parking garages.
The ZAK is an intermediate axle sweeper primarily used in winter road maintenance.
Schmidt|CityJet 3030
The CityJet 3030 is a street washer based on the proven Swingo 200 + series.
Schmidt|CityJet 6000
The powerful CityJet 6000 is an ideal choice for the efficient cleaning of urban areas where dirt is particularly stubborn, and provides an interesting alternative under hot, dry and very dusty conditions.
Schmidt|Straliq CityJet
The Straliq CityJet is a powerful spraying machine for efficient cleaning of dirt from roads, pavements and squares in busy urban areas.
Performance meets design - that's the CJS, which not only impresses with its fresh and straightforward design, but also offers unsurpassed performance, latest motor technology and easy maintenance.
Schmidt|TJS / TJS-C
The powerful TJS and TJS-C jet sweepers quickly and efficiently clear snow from airport runways, taxiways and aprons.
The CJS-DI is a compact sweeper/blower unit with an additional mounted spreader, sprayer or de-icer.
The Syntos is a robust wet salt spreader made of highly durable polyethylene.
The Syntos is a robust wet salt spreader made of highly durable polyethylene.
Schmidt|Stratos 4.0 - 12.0 m³
Stratos spreaders zijn verkrijgbaar in verschillende maten en zijn compatibel met de meeste tractoren en dragervoertuigen.
Nido|Stratos 4.0 - 12.0 m³
Stratos spreaders zijn verkrijgbaar in verschillende maten en zijn compatibel met de meeste tractoren en dragervoertuigen.
Schmidt|Stratos 1.7 - 3.0 m³
Dit is dé strooimachine voor de gemeentelijke gladheidsbestrijding in de bebouwde kom en op gemeentelijke en provinciale wegen.
Schmidt|Stratos 0.6 - 0.8m³
The Stratos 0.6 - 0.8m³ is a mountable spreader of the small Stratos series intended for mounting on compact carrier vehicles, such as small flatbed trucks, pickups or narrow track vehicles.
Schmidt|Stratos F 0.6 - 1.7 m³
The Stratos F series of flat, narrow spreaders is ideal for de-icing in difficult localities including inner-city areas and mountainous regions due to its low construction.
Schmidt|Stratos F 4.0 - 4.4 m³
The Stratos F large series of spreaders is perfect for de-icing in difficult or remote locations, such as mountainous regions, and is ideal for mounting on a Unimog.
Schmidt|Stratos D 1.1 - 1.7 m³
The small Stratos D series was specially developed for mounting on narrow track vehicles.
Schmidt|Stratos D 4.0 - 6.0 m³
The Stratos D series is particularly suitable for de-icing in difficult locations, such as mountainous regions,  and the 4.
The Traxos is a mountable spreader that is available in different versions and designed for de-icing smaller municipal areas.
The Galeox is a robust, truck-mounted spreader that uses proven Stratos components to offer an outstanding price-performance ratio.
The Straliq is a spraying machine specially designed for precise brine spraying over large areas and multi-lane roads.
The Straliq is a spraying machine specially designed for precise brine spraying over large areas and multi-lane roads.
The CSP range of compact sprayers offers an efficient and environmentally friendly way to combat icy roads.
Schmidt|ASP Airport Sprayer
The ASP Airport Sprayer is a high quality spraying machine that ensures a fast, exact and precise application of de-icing agents.
Schmidt|Stratos Combi Soliq
The Stratos Combi Soliq is a highly versatile combination machine for winter maintenance under all weather conditions.
The TSS is a towed sweeping and spraying unit designed for de-icing narrow roads, car parks and cycle paths and combines three de-icing steps in one operation: ploughing, sweeping and spraying.
The ACE is an airport combination machine for de-icing runways, taxi-ways and aprons and is available in four different versions to meet differing needs.
Een professionele all-round sneeuwploeg die zich zowel bij gebruik met ‘slush’ als in natte sneeuw thuis voelt.
De Cirron is een sneeuwploeg welke bestaat uit meerdere segmenten zodat het ploegblad optimaal de vorm van het wegdek kan volgen.
Schmidt|Tarron Compact
The Tarron Compact is a compact, multi-blade snow plough ideal for the clean removal of large quantities of packed and even frozen snow in urban areas - roads, car parks, factory premises or private properties.
The Tarron range of multi-blade snow ploughs are designed for the high-performance clearance of heavy accumulations of snow.
The EN is a single-bladed light snow plough for municipal winter maintenance of small areas and footpaths.
The CP is a single-bladed rotary flap snow plough ideal for winter maintenance in towns and cities, and surrounding roads.
The FLL is a single-bladed spring flap snow plough.
The MPC is a single blade snow plough with an automatic two-segment override system to protect the plough against obstacles and provide perfect alignment to the road surface.
Schmidt|Tarron HP
The Tarron HP is a multi-blade high-performance snow plough ideally suited for use on motorways and extra-wide clearing operations in medium snow depths.
Schmidt|CPS 5.3
The CPS 5.3 is a lateral truck-mounted snow plough for right-side clearing and is ideally designed for efficient high-speed and aggressive work on motorways and major roads.
The PV is a multi-bladed swing arm snow plough perfect for winter service on country, district and national roads.
The PS is a single-bladed lateral snow plough for efficient winter service on motorways.
The VPL is a wedge-shaped, V-shaped and one-sided snow plough ideal for efficient snow clearance on roads, footpaths, cycle paths and other surfaces.
The KL-V is a variable wedge snow plough, which is available in different plough forms and meets a multitude of applications.
The U-LS series of powerful Vario snow ploughs is ideal for clearing snow from large areas and crossroads and collecting snow in confined spaces.
Schmidt|SNK 55.1
The SNK 55.1 is a light snow plough ideal for use at airports and suitable for mounting on tractors and trucks with low payloads.
Schmidt|Tarron MS
The MS snow ploughs are multi-blade special snow ploughs with optional high or low blade heights and based on the successful Tarron series.
Schmidt|Tellefsdal V90
The Tellefsdal V90 is a powerful and robust V-type (Vario) snow plough for thorough snow clearance and demanding winter maintenance.
Schmidt|Tellefsdal D70
The Tellefsdal D70 is an excellent diagonal snow plough which delivers efficient and reliable snow clearance for demanding winter maintenance.
Schmidt|Tellefsdal U-H2
The Tellefsdal U-H2 is a powerful and extremely effective snow plough for removing large amounts of snow.
Schmidt|Tellefsdal K70
The Tellefsdal K70 is a versatile, all-round snow plough suitable for a variety of clearing tasks and providing efficient and clean snow clearance within a demanding winter service.
Schmidt|Supra 4002/5002
The Supra is a self-propelled snow clearing machine, specially designed for removing large quantities of snow on airports or all road surfaces.
Schmidt|FS HP
The FS-HP is a snow cutter blower for mounting on UNIMOG implement carriers and tractors, and is ideal for use in tough municipal winter services.
Schmidt|FS 110 T
The FS 110 T is a powerful high-performance snow blower designed for mounting on rugged implement carriers or tractors.
Aebi|VT 450 Vario
The innovative Aebi VT 450 Vario is not only stepless and incredibly effortless to work with, it is also kind to the environment.
Aebi|TP 420
A robust design with masses of power, a high payload and a simple operating concept combined with first-rate driving comfort – these are the defining characteristics of the Aebi TP 420.
Aebi|TP 410
The Aebi TP 410 is a tried-and-tested, solid transporter.
Compact narrow-track transporter, agile fast runner and all-purpose carrier vehicle - all combined in one vehicle, the Aebi MT.
Aebi|TT 241⁺ / TT 281⁺
The modern Terratrac+ is characterised by the best lifting forces, enormous manoeuvrability, elegant design, high-torque engines and an intuitive operating concept.
Aebi|TT 206 / TT 211
These two compact Terratrac models are characterised by low weight, outstanding manoeuvrability and amazing design, clean and high-torque diesel engines and a user-friendly operating concept.
The Aebi Combicut product range is true to the motto: "one idea, many possibilities" and combines easy handling, high quality and, thanks to its extensive attachments, extreme versatility.
Schmidt|PMB 2400
The PMB 2400 is a permanent magnetic beam for cleaning runways, taxiways and aprons at airports.
The RPS-H is a reflector post washer that makes an ideal addition to municipal equipment as it does not only clean those posts which are easy to reach.
Schmidt|P 2000
The P 2000 is a solid and reliable salt solution station and an ideal addition to the winter maintenance programmes of road administrators, towns and municipalities.
Schmidt|S 3000
The S 3000 is an easy "plug and play" salt solution station and an ideal addition to the winter maintenance programmes of road administrators, towns and municipalities.

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