Snow ploughs

Aebi Schmidt provides snow ploughs dedicated to work in a variety of conditions - perfect for clearing slush, fresh snow and wet snow. We create solutions that allow you to work in the toughest conditions and are dedicated to the needs of our Clients. At the same time, we place great emphasis on efficiency, ease of maneuvering and low noise levels.

The snow plough catalog includes a variety of configurations and functionalities. We offer straight ploughs, single-segment and two-segment ploughs, multi-segment ploughs, adjustable wedge ploughs, side ploughs, chassis ploughs. Our offer includes the adaptation of snow ploughs for mounting on the load-carrying frame of trucks. There is also the possibility of integration with specialized vehicles - like Unimog or Flexigo, on trucks, tractors or wheel loaders.

We create solutions for universal use, versatile and efficient as well as dedicated. Our offer also includes ploughs for efficient snow removal from highways or winter maintenance of airports.

We focus on innovation. We offer snow ploughs integrated with the anti-collision system as well as with the option of automatically adjusting the blade segments to unevenness.