From winter to summer set-up in just a few hours

Wouldn't it be practical if you could use the same truck for winter and summer maintenance and only change the mounted construction? And to do this very simply and efficiently? That's exactly where the Schmidt Street King 660 comes into play.

Ploughing snow and spreading in the morning, sweeping the wet road in the evening - the Schmidt Street King 660 makes it possible thanks to the quick-change system. In a few hours, the spreader body and plough can be removed from the carrier vehicle of the Street King 660 and the sweeper body can be mounted to the truck chassis.

This is all done very conveniently in just a few steps and with the utmost precision, as the mounting elements are easily accessible and the interchangeable platform can be smoothly slid in and out.

The times of overpasses and long standing times of a vehicle are thus over. And not only is space saved, as only the mounted constructions need to be stored, but costs are also reduced with maximum use in the municipal sector. This is how maximum flexibility from a single source works!

See for yourself the multifunctionality of the Schmidt Street King 660: