The CJS-DI is a compact sweeper/blower unit with an additional mounted spreader, sprayer or de-icer. A snow plough is mounted at the front, while the sweeping unit and high-performance blowing nozzle are located between the axles and the de-icer at the rear. The CJS-DI is a multi-functional machine that reliably clears aircraft stands, taxi-ways, runways and aprons. It is mounted on a standard truck chassis for maximum manoeuvrability.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski, Русский


Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Agile multi-functional sweeper
  • Reliable snow removal at high clearing speeds
  • Efficient clearance and de-icing thanks to intelligent assistance systems
  • Tailor-made options

Dine fordeler

  • Optimised driving comfort and fatigue-free working thanks to hydropneumatic chassis.
  • Low service time due to easy access components.
  • Intuitive operation thanks to integrated control panel for synchronous control of the snow plough, broom, blower and the mounted spreader/sprayer.
  • The plough and mounted spreader/sprayer can be operated independently from the broom and blower.

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Standard MAN carrier vehicles are used for the CJS-DI with the chassis being specially converted to accommodate the sweeper blower.

Snow plough

Clean and aggressive clearance is achieved with the Schmidt MS Tarron airport snow ploughs, such as the MS 56.1 NA. These are designed for fast snow clearance at airports and offer outstanding performance with optional fine clearing bar, ejection stop or low blade shape.

Sweeping unit

The sweeping unit is mounted between the axles of the vehicle. Twin trailing wheels ensure optimum, quiet and even broom sweeping performance. Automatic spoiler adjustment, aerodynamic snow guidance and wear-dependent brush speed control ensure that the snow is ejected to the side and outstanding clearing is achieved - the basis for safety on runways. The automatic and infinitely variable sweeping mirror adjustment enables the brush profile to be worn evenly, and as little as possible, to considerably reduce maintenance costs.

Blower unit

An aerodynamic fan unit is fitted in front of the rear axle to deliver optimum cleaning of the clearing area with maximum blowing power and optimum friction values. With constant air speed over the entire working width, a uniform clearing result can be achieved.

Mounted spreader/sprayer

With the spreader/sprayer, de-icing can be delivered both preventively and curatively. The entire vehicle width is covered by a spray bar, while further working widths can be achieved with additional jet nozzles. The drive for the spreader/sprayer is provided by the carrier vehicle's hydraulics.


The hydraulic pumps for operating and controlling the sweeping unit and high-pressure fan are powered by an auxiliary motor which delivers 260kW at 1800rpm. The snow plough and the mounted sprayer/spreader are controlled by a hydraulic system driven by the carrier vehicle's engine.

Hydropneumatic running gear

The CJS-DI's hydropneumatic chassis offers the operator additional comfort in the field.

Control concept

The CJS-DI is controlled via an intuitive interface with an integrated control panel for operating the snow plough, brush, blower and rear mounted spreader/sprayer. The colour graphic display and synchronous control of all components allow fast and reliable operation of the working functions. The parameters can be fine-tuned to meet the customer's needs, allowing the driver to concentrate on driving and achieving the best possible clearing performance.


All important components are readily accessible, making maintenance and servicing easy and straightforward, and resulting in short service time and high machine availability.