Get the maximum performance out of your machines by optimising your processes. With good advice, intelligent technology and clever use of digital data, you will become more efficient, safer and cheaper in terms of your process costs - regardless of whether you work with a single machine or are responsible for an entire fleet.

Driver Assistance Systems

Our driver assistance systems ensure that drivers can concentrate on the traffic, while the system itself takes care of most of the necessary procedures on defined routes. This not only ensures greater safety, efficiency and economical consumption, but also more flexibility in personnel planning.


Automated and autonomous systems lead to substantial performance improvement, cost savings, increased flexibility and, above all, greater levels of safety. An integrated system enables flexible deployment, improved security of staff as well as decreased training efforts and costs. Automated clearing decreases operational risks and damage as well as offering improved fuel efficiency and environmentally friendlier operations.

Automation has become an integral part of our everyday life. However, the use of automated and autonomous systems, especially on the airfield, cannot be co-ordinated with a standardised universal solution. Without exception, it is necessary to take into account the specific conditions and to adapt the systems step by step. This is why we would not sell you standard systems; instead we draw on our long experience and map them against your current processes to find the optimal efficiency levels.

When it comes to autonomous driving, we’re working in co-operation with CPAC Systems, part of the Volvo Group, to develop and refine the three-step approach further. CPAC is passionate when it comes to technology-driven business development and its track record goes back to 2003 when it launched the first enabling platform. We’re also proud to co-operate with Lab1886, the business innovation unit of Mercedes-Benz AG, and with Daimler Truck AG in the area of automated snow removal, one of many applications of Mercedes’ AXYARD technology. And we’re thrilled to be part of project "Smart Fleet" which is a joint project between Stuttgart Airport, the Aebi Schmidt Group and Volk Fahrzeugbau. Its aim is to develop fully automated vehicle prototypes by 2022 and to test them in real time conditions on run-ways, aprons and taxiways.

Digital Solutions

The professional and continuous use of data and digital applications increases your performance and efficiency, saves fuel and material, leads to lower COemissions and improves safety. It is important to Aebi Schmidt that digital solutions work not only with our own vehicles, but with all vehicles on your fleet. The secure transmission and storage of data in the cloud is just as vital.

Position and activity data, such as the operating mode and driving speed of the machines, are recorded together with the operating and consumption data by the data controller in the vehicle and, with GPS support, transmitted to a secure cloud environment. You can access the data via our IntelliOPS platform. Our licensing and platform model ensures that you remain flexible over time rather than having to manage and use dozens of individual applications. You can use digital operational support to:

  • plan your operations in general or individual routes and jobs more efficiently, and monitor them more easily
  • control individual operations from the workplace and influence them in real time
  • clearly present, report and document your performance to customers, the public, employers or other stakeholders – including in line with legal requirements where necessary.
  • optimise and automate your processes, procedures and material planning activities in general or for individual elements and routes.

Meet Oliver. His company is already working with digital operational support. Find out more in the following video:

Digital operational support is available for all EN-15430 based and other selected devices, e.g. Stratos, Syntos, Swingo and Cleango. All our airport equipment and vehicles as well as our sweepers in selected markets are fitted with a modem ex works. Furthermore, as a new owner or user, you receive free access to the basic functions of our IntelliOPS platform for one year. Of course it is up to you whether you activate the modem and platform license or not. If you decide not to, no data will be collected or transmitted.

Create the package of digital solutions that best suits your needs – either for winter or summer maintenance. Choose a Standard or Premium License of the modules Data & Connectivity, Route Manager, Asset Management, Monitoring, Analysis & Reporting and Maintenance. Here’s the detailed overview of the features.

IntelliOPS Platform

On this unique platform, Aebi Schmidt offers you access to your data and applications that are as tailored to meet your exact needs as possible. You do not have to decide on a certain number of applications. All data and applications are accessible via IntelliOPS. The licence determines what you can see and which applications you can use. So, if your needs change over time or new data and applications are added, you don't need to spend time on time-consuming updates and training. IntelliOPS is cloud-based, which means it does not require local installations, and can be used on any workstation.

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