The purchasing department of the Aebi Schmidt Group covers the material requirements of our production sites in Poland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Germany, the USA and Finland, plus the spare parts requirements of our customers on a daily basis. Thanks to the smooth collaboration between the different locations and reliable suppliers, the Aebi Schmidt Group can ensure a consistent high quality of its products.

The purchasing department is classically divided into operational and strategic purchasing.

Operational purchasing takes care of the ongoing order processing and procurement logistics so that goods are delivered at the right time, to the right place, in the right quantity and at the right price.

The strategic purchasing area, on the other hand, deals with supplier and contract management, commodity group strategies, innovations and project support, price negotiations, logistics and the structuring of conditions.

Categories of Goods
The entire purchasing requirement is structured and divided by means of an internal product group management system.

Group-wide supplier and goods strategies are consistently pursued through a lead buyer concept. The focus is on high-quality components at globally competitive prices.

Sustainable Supplier Management

When new suppliers are selected, the corresponding companies are audited and important topics such as quality, compliance and environment plus fundamental requirements are examined in depth.

The basis for a co-operation with Aebi Schmidt are the purchasing conditions or an individually agreed framework supply arrangement. Suppliers are evaluated by means of an internal supplier management system and the risks in the delivery supply are considered.

The Aebi Schmidt Group demands consistent compliance with its Code of Conduct, the implementation of defined environmental conditions and proactive, environmentally-conscious process improvement, such as the use of reusable packaging and ecological packaging material, from its suppliers and partners.

Purchasing as a Driver of Innovation

In purchasing, we see ourselves as partners of the R&D department in the implementation of product and customer projects. In doing so, we actively participate in the new development and cost optimization of our products. The early involvement of innovative and competent suppliers guarantees the implementation of this strategy, along with the use of state-of-the-art production technologies and components at the highest technical level.

Procurement Logistics

As an existing supplier you will find the links to our Routing Order Systems.

Germany: Aebi Schmidt Deutschland GmbH

Portal TNT/Fedex

You can send parcels including the creation of barcodes to our locations without a password.

Portal AX4 Freight

You will receive your login data for the first truck freight registration from our contact person responsible in Purchasing.

AX4 Login Deutschland/Germany

Switzerland: Aebi & Co. AG Maschinenfabrik

Packages up to 35 kg - TNT/Fedex Portal

You can send parcels including the creation of barcodes to our locations without a password.

Consignments over 35 kg

Contact our partner via email.


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