Sweeping (and more) without back pain

You spend most of your working day in a vehicle and feel exhausted at the end of the day? Physiotherapist Kathrin Kamm shows you the optimal sitting position so that back pain or neck tension are a thing of the past. 

Who hasn't experienced that after a hard day at work in the sweeper, it pinches in the lower back, the neck is totally tense and the shoulder areas ache. Together with the municipality of Brittnau AG (CH), Kathrin Kamm, federally certified sports physiotherapist, has examined the Schmidt Flexigo 150 for the points of the "AGR" seal of approval. The "Healthy Back Campaign" seal of approval is awarded to products that enable back-friendly solutions.

"The health of our employees is very important to us. Only with healthy and satisfied employees we can fulfil our daily cleaning tasks in Brittnau. The Schmidt Flexigo 150 with the AGR seal of approval actively contributes to employee satisfaction and productivity of the drivers," says Michael Eich, works yard manager of the municipality of Brittnau AG (CH). 

The workplace in the Schmidt sweepers can be ergonomically adjusted in just six steps. This means that tension and back pain don't stand a chance.

Fabian Graber, employee at the Brittnau depot, confirms: "I was surprised how quickly the right sitting position was adjusted with Kathrin's tips. After just one day in the sweeper, I noticed that my back was less tense.