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Innehållet är inte tillgängligt på det önskade språket. Innehållet finns tillgängligt på: English, Deutsch, Español

Innehållet är inte tillgängligt på det önskade språket. Innehållet finns tillgängligt på: English, Deutsch, Español

Intelligent solutions for increased driver comfort and multifunctional machines

These days, many users expect more from their machines than just exceptional sweeping performance. What’s required are future-proof, multifunctional machines with increased driver comfort and sustainable concepts that protect the environment. Find out here what that means for Development and Product Management – and what our customers make of it.

What’s the best sweeper for which job? You might assume this question would be easy to answer, but in practice, there are many different factors to consider. For example, there is the size and type of areas to be cleaned, and the type of dirt. Or the organisational and business factors that play a critical role.

Unique variety of different solutions

Aebi Schmidt Group’s expertise in sweepers started back in 1956 with the world’s first front-mounted sweeper, developed specifically for a UNIMOG. The first self-propelled sweeper followed in the early 70s based on a Piaggio three-wheeler. The sweepers with attachments, front-mounted equipment and mounted equipment were continually developed, and at the end of the 90s, the range was expanded with towed sweepers through the acquisition of the Swedish brand Broddway.

The SK 300 mechanically mounted sweeper on the Unimog U406 (1978)

The multifunctional trend...

Today, very few sweepers in the range just sweep. Modern machines, no matter what kind, can also suck, scrub, flood and even mulch and mow. The aim is to handle several functions at the same time or to choose depending on the specific situation. What’s more, the machines have also adapted to changing sweeping requirements. A range of options now makes it easier to clean different kinds of dirt or surface with just one machine. This produces a range of completely new technical challenges. Philipp Johnston, Product Manager Sweepers, says: "From the development perspective, the integration of new functions is always associated with a certain level of risk. You know the existing risk, but you don’t always know exactly what the impact of the new functions will be on the overall system. At the Aebi Schmidt Group, the unrivalled diversity of the product range means we’re able to rely on the many years of experience of our colleagues, who have already successfully implemented technologies and functions elsewhere. That provides huge added value in the development process."

… and increased driver comfort

Johnston also points out that today, considerably more attention is paid to driver comfort during the development phase. Whereas previously the performance of the machines was the central element, it’s now much more a question of how the technology can be adapted to provide the driver with the optimum level of comfort. If you’re able to operate your equipment comfortably, you’ll experience less stress, and less stress means increased safety, greater satisfaction and, ultimately, better occupational health. This is how operating concepts have been continually developed. Operation is now intuitive and involves colour touchscreens and integrated joysticks. New drive concepts like the hydrostatic drive on the Street King 660 and the patented Bosch Rexroth HET on the Flexigo enable the driver to easily maintain control of the machine, even in challenging conditions. Finally, ergonomically designed cabs and controls also mean improved comfort. For example, all of the compact sweepers in the Schmidt sweeper family have been awarded the AGR (Campaign for Healthy Backs) seal of approval. AGR is an independent association whose seal of approval is awarded only to products that have been designed in a way that is kind to the back and ergonomic.

Customers simply want more these days

Richard Bryant, CEO of Aebi Schmidt UK, also confirms that the trend towards more driving comfort and flexibly deployable equipment meets a real customer need. "The number of factors influencing the purchase decision for a sweeper has steadily increased over the years. Sustainability plays an important role, or noise emissions, the health of the drivers and the safety of all road users. But some things have also changed on the road. Residential zones, for example, which are noise-reduced and where special care must be taken with parked vehicles, are more common today than in the past. In road construction, too, the demands are much higher today because more work steps are being completed in less time."

To make your decision easier, contact Aebi Schmidt and book a demo!

Earlier, we asked which sweeper is best suited to which purpose. It’s basically whichever one meets the needs of the individual client the best. So make sure your list includes all of your specific requirements and contact the Aebi Schmidt sales team or a distributor in your region. Our staff will be happy to offer you their professional advice. At Aebi Schmidt, you’re not just a ‘customer’, you’re an individual. We understand that your needs are unique. And that’s why our approach is to work with you to identify the best possible solution. Of course, that includes you being able to see for yourself which are the right vehicles and machines for you during a product demonstration.