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Innehållet är inte tillgängligt på det önskade språket. Innehållet finns tillgängligt på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français

Innehållet är inte tillgängligt på det önskade språket. Innehållet finns tillgängligt på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français

Aebi Schmidt, part of the Madrid 360° Environmental Sustainability Strategy

Madrid has a plan: clean air for all. By 2025, the entire city will gradually be declared an environmental protection zone. With six new contracts for cleaning services in public spaces, Aebi Schmidt contributes to the new image.

Within the Madrid 360 Environmental Sustainability Strategy, the City Council has made a great budgetary effort, dedicating a total of 1,636 million euros over six years to the city's cleaning contract, including, among other measures, state-of-the-art machinery, thus making a commitment to more efficient, silent and sustainable cleaning for the city of Madrid.

Aebi Schmidt is playing an important role in this renovation. With the delivery of a total of 150 different types of equipment to all the cleaning service concessionaires: Pre Zero, Valoriza, Urbaser and FCC - Acciona, which has been underway since last November, Aebi Schmidt is contributing all its technology, experience and wide range of added services to this project.

This change involves not only a renovation, but also a change in the cleaning model, opting for more efficient, environmentally responsible solutions and with a higher level of comfort for the personnel that use it.

The new cleaning services and green areas that are already circulating in the streets of the city will have, for the most part, an ECO or ZERO environmental category. 

To achieve this important challenge, the City Council and the concessionary companies have relied on our eSwingo 200+, the first 100% electric sweeper from Schmidt, thus completely eliminating CO2 emissions and providing a considerable reduction in the noise level during sweeping, which allows working in the early hours of the morning without disturbing the rest of the neighbours.

23 units of the innovative Schmidt Cleango 500 100% CNG sweeper, unique in its range, which emits lower levels of polluting gases (NOx, CO2) as it is powered by an alternative fuel that is more respectful of the environment, have also been added to the Madrid cleaning fleet.

The Madrid City Council has dedicated a significant economic effort to these two services, specifically, 1,636 million euros in six years for the cleaning contract, the largest of the entire municipal budget.

At Aebi Schmidt we are very proud that all the major companies in the sector have chosen us to be part of their teams in this new 360° environmental sustainability strategy of the City Council. We will put all our experience and heart into giving the people of Madrid the clean and safe city they deserve.