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Equipped with Attachments for a Wide Range of Applications

For customers in the municipal sector, the Aebi Schmidt Group offers appropriate sweepers in different versions. They are suitable for professional users who are looking for a cost-efficient year-round solution. However, many users also want to purchase a machine that does more than just sweep. This is where the multifunctional concept in combination with attachments comes into play.

Our latest addition to the multifunctional sweeper category is the Schmidt Flexigo 150, which can be used with a variety of attachments, offering a high degree of flexibility. The product is interesting for all customers who want to be equipped for different tasks with one machine.

In addition to the Flexigo 150, compact sweepers such as the Swingo 200+, eSwingo 200+ and the Cleango 500 can also be used with various attachments, while offering a larger hopper volume. The broad product range of the Aebi Schmidt Group thus enables efficient use of the fleet for the most diverse needs.

The Flexigo 150: without and with attachments

With the Flexigo 150, we present the smallest representative in our family of sweepers. This product can be used for summer and winter maintenance and offers a decisive advantage: it can be used with a wide range of attachments.

Multifunctionality is clearly in the foreground with this product. Many of our customers use the Flexigo 150 primarily as a sweeper. However, other applications are also possible. These include uses with:

  • Snow plough
  • Mounted spreader
  • Scrub deck
  • Mower-suction combination

The advantage of such an all-rounder is obvious: The multifunctional concept ensures that you can utilize the machine to full capacity all year round. You achieve increased productivity and reduce maintenance costs thanks to a smaller fleet.

The Flexigo 150 is equipped with a proven quick-change system. This ensures that you can change the machine quickly and safely.

The sweeping function in detail

The Flexigo 150 demonstrates its full capabilities in sweeping mode. Depending on your needs, the machine can be equipped with either a 2-broom or a 3-broom system. The machine offers a whole range of advantages. For example, it has sufficient suction power to easily pick up coarse dirt and heavy objects.

Since the front brooms are equipped with automatic collision protection, the broom swerves inward in the event of collisions. Once the obstacles have been bypassed, the front broom automatically returns to its starting position. The low operating noise, which is reduced to 99 decibels in EcoMode, is also advantageous.

Other advantages include the good overlap of the brooms towards the suction chute. This ensures that no material is left behind, even in tight curves. The machine is conveniently controlled via a joystick. This is integrated into the armrest and supports ergonomic working. Hydraulic support pressure control is available as an option for the sweeping configuration. It optimizes ground contour following and thus reduces brush wear. In continuous operation, this contributes to noticeable cost savings in the long term.

The Flexigo 150 in winter use

The Flexigo 150 is also suitable for snow removal and can even be used in icy conditions. All-wheel drive, a low center of gravity and a high engine output of 75 hp make it possible.

The following attachments are available for winter service:

  • Front sweeper
  • Vario snow plough
  • Snow plough
  • Snow blower
  • Surface-mounted sprayer
  • Flat silo top spreader with twin screw conveyor system
  • Silo top spreader with belt and auger conveyor system
  • Wet cleaning and watering with the Flexigo 150

Many customers use wet cleaning as an alternative to sweeping in particularly dry, hot and dusty conditions. For this purpose, the Flexigo 150 can be equipped with a 1.6-meter wide wash bar. This enables municipal service providers to thoroughly clean roads and sidewalks, for example.

In combination with a suction sweeper tank and a scrubbing deck, full-fledged surface wet cleaning is also possible. The container sucks up the resulting dirty water directly.

Further uses with the Flexigo 150

The Flexigo 150 can be equipped with appropriate attachments for further work.

Always perfect results in lawn care thanks to the combination of front rotary mower and suction hopper. This enables mowing with simultaneous grass collection. The mower with 3 blades ensures a mowing capacity of up to 15,000 m²/h.

With an attached front mulcher, green areas or roadsides can be mulched without any problems. The mown material is shredded and evenly distributed on the spot. The sturdily built mulcher is equipped with high-quality blades and is driven by the Flexigo vehicle hydraulics.

Swingo 200+

If you are looking for a reliable sweeper with a larger hopper, including the possibility to use attachments with it, the Swingo 200+ is the suitable machine. The Swingo 200+ is suitable for use in the following areas:

  • Pedestrian and cycle paths in urban areas
  • Parking garages
  • Industrial areas

With the help of attachments, the sweeper can be turned into a clearing vehicle or sprayer. The Swingo 200+ can also be used for weed control and offers possibilities for high pressure cleaning.

Swingo 200+ with 2- and 3- brush system

Like the Flexigo 150, the Swingo 200+ is available with two different broom systems.

The 2-brush system guarantees absolute manoeuvrability in every sweeping situation with independently controllable disc brooms. Two stable broom arms with integrated bumpers allow sweeping widths of up to 2,900 mm. The 3-brush system with freely movable front broom arm offers a sweeping width of up to 2,600 mm. Left-right alignment of the front broom is just as possible as sweeping on two levels or heavy weed broom use. The side brooms can be extended hydraulically and their inclination can be adjusted. This allows the brooms to be optimally adapted to the ground conditions at any time.

The equipment with suction and water systems

The system offers several basic advantages. These include high suction power even at low diesel engine speeds.

Which suction and water system can be used depends on whether the 2- or 3-brush system is used. In the case of the 2-brush system, the highest performance is achieved with the HS suction shaft. It combines the advantages of an integrated coarse dirt flap with optimum air flow. Alternatively, a basic suction chute is available, in which the coarse dirt flap is hydraulically operated.

In the case of the 3-brush system, the separate coarse dirt flap is not required. In order to be able to pick up coarse debris, the suction chute can be tilted here.

The hopper

The advantages of the Swingo 200+ also include its large operating radius and high sweepings capacity. This enables the hopper with a volume of 2 m³. The dumping height is 1,400 millimeters. This means that it can be emptied into all standard containers without any problems. The suction tube in the hopper is optionally available in stainless steel, which reduces wear.

The options at a glance

Depending on the area of application, the Swingo 200+ is also available with various options:

Attachments for winter maintenance:

  • Scrub deck
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Sink cleaner
  • Weed broom

This is only a selection. Thanks to various attachments, flexible use in summer and winter maintenance is also possible with the Swingo 200+.

eSwingo 200+: the fully electric sweeper

The eSwingo 200+ goes one step further and is a fully electric model. The right choice if you want to focus on sustainable and emission-free cleaning. In contrast to the diesel version, maintenance costs can be reduced by up to 70 percent and energy costs by up to 85 percent.

In addition to excellent sweeping performance, the key advantages include low noise levels and long operating times. A work session can last up to ten hours without the need for recharging. The eSwingo 200+ is low-maintenance and easy to care for. We take care of the entire service for you. We also offer free take-back and recycling. 

The attachment options at a glance

Of course, the options available for the eSwingo 200+ can also be used to expand its range of applications. Among other things, you can choose from:

  • Weed broom
  • High pressure cleaner
  • Hand-held suction hose

The eSwingo 200+ is suitable for many daily cleaning tasks, for example on footpaths and cycle paths. It can be used in parking garages, in industrial areas and in inner-city areas. The eSwingo 200+ is also available with either a pushed 2-brush or a pulled 3-brush system.

Cleango 500: the large compact sweeper

The Cleango 500 is designed for use in inner-city areas, cleaning in industrial areas and pedestrian and cycle paths. The machine is characterized by its excellent suction power and operates at high speed. Among the many good reasons to purchase it are its long service life and large hopper capacity.

The sweeping width is 2,200 millimeters, and the disc brush system is mounted in front of the front axle. Like the Swingo, the Cleango 500 is available with a 2- or 3-brush system. With the 3-brush version, the sweeping width increases to 3,550 millimeters.

With this sweeper, it is also worth taking a look at the hopper. At 5 m³, it is particularly large and thus maximizes the sweepings. The advantage for your operation is obvious: The Cleango 500 achieves a significantly larger operating radius. This machine is therefore designed for customers with extensive areas of operation.

Attachments for the Cleango 500

The Aebi Schmidt Group also focuses on flexibility with this machine. The Cleango 500 is designed in such a way that it can be supplemented in a modular way. This makes it easy to adapt to your needs. The following options are available, among others:

  • Weed broom
  • High-pressure cleaner
  • Hand-held suction hose
  • Rear view and suction shaft camera

In addition, there is a special option for winter maintenance. This includes either a front sweeper (LKS) or a snow plough (SNK). This means that snow removal is also possible with this machine.

Contact us now and learn more about the sweepers and their attachment options!