The ASP Airport Sprayer is a high quality spraying machine that ensures a fast, exact and precise application of de-icing agents. The ASP can be used for both preventive and curative de-icing on runways, taxiways and aprons, and offers a maximum working width of 40m. The ASP is designed for mounting on trucks as well as for fixed or swap bodies - its modular design ensures easy adaptation to any customer-specific carrier vehicle.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Polski, Русский

Schmidt|ASP Airport Sprayer

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Intuitive operation thanks to the latest control technology
  • Fast-folding spraying arms, even while driving
  • Overlapping spraying patterns and very precise distribution

Dine fordeler

  • Efficiency: The ASP delivers rapid and precise results through preventive and curative de-icing operations on runways, taxiways and aprons.
  • Safety: The position of the spraying arms are shown on the display panel, so that collisions can be avoided easily.
  • Flexibility: The modular construction allows for optimum adaptation to the carrier vehicle.
  • Environmental friendliness: Thanks to the use of the exact dosage, the quantities of de-icing agent and the environmental impact are both reduced.

Tekniske data

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Spray technology

The ASP consists of a rear spraying bar and two side spraying arms with integrated double rows of nozzles, covering the entire working width. Folding the spraying arms in or out takes less than 30 seconds, allowing efficient set-up times in the field, while the working width is ajustable between 4-40m and asymmetrical spraying is also possible. The closely spaced nozzles ensure an overlapping spray pattern and, thanks to speed-dependent spraying, each nozzle row is activated and/or deactivated automatically so the correct amount of spraying agent is always applied at the selected dosage for each spraying width.

The solid parallelogram construction at the front of the machine ensures safe guidance of the spraying arms. The outer spraying arm sections are made of aluminium and have collision protection through a break-out system.

Modular concept

The modular construction allows an optimal gravity point adjustment to each carrier vehicle.

Pump system

A low pressure pump system allows working at low spray pressure, while the short distance of the spray nozzles to the ground surface means that swirling of the de-icing agent rarely occurs.

Liquid tanks

The ASP's modular liquid tanks, made of cold-resistant polyethylene with integrated baffles, are suitable for any de-icing agent and are available in 2,200 or 2,500 litre sizes. A powerful diaphragm pump, operating at 300-600 litres per minute, ensures reliable delivery of the spray liquid.

Drive system

The ASP is driven by the hydraulics of the carrier vehicle or a EU Stage 5 certified diesel engine. The electrical and hydraulic components are located in the protected power pack compartment.

Control and information technology

The ASP is controlled safely and accurately via the ES control panel located in the driver's cab. A graphic colour touch screen, and click-turn knobs and push buttons, allow quick and reliable operation of all work functions. Application-specific assignment of the push buttons allows the driver to concentrate exclusively on driving. The spray arm position is shown on the display panel so the driver has a full overview at all times and collisions can be easily avoided.


AirportLogic is an innovative control technology that uses GPS in real time to optimise both the untreated areas and the consumption of spraying agent during de-icing operations. The spray segments are switched on and off automatically. The result is increased safety through better coverage of the runways and aprons plus reduced consumption of spraying agent, cutting consumption costs by up to 15%.