The FS-HP is a snow cutter blower for mounting on UNIMOG implement carriers and tractors, and is ideal for use in tough municipal winter services. The FS-HP series provides efficient clearing of even deep, hard and icy snow and can comfortably tackle peripheral edge ridges caused by snow ploughs during clearing.

Schmidt|FS HP

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • For the most extreme snow clearance conditions
  • Efficient frontal and edge wall clearance
  • Clearing width from 1,600mm up to 2,650mm

Dine fordeler

  • Robustness: The FS-HP can withstand heavy loads and forces when clearing snow.
  • Flexibility: The FS-HP can be used on different types of roads due its varied clearing widths and capabilities.
  • High performance: The robust construction is designed for extreme conditions and for use by the entire municipal winter maintenance service.

Milling technology

The robust FS-HP series can be mounted on Unimog implement carriers, tractors from 75 to 300HP and carrier vehicles with hydraulic implement drive, such as wheel loaders or yard loaders, and is made of highly wear-resistant material to withstand high loads and forces.

The snow cutter blowers offer different clearing widths from 1,600mm to 2,650mm and are suitable for different types of roads. They are ideal for clearing traffic areas in an urban environment by loading the snow through the rotating loading chute onto a truck. For clearing work in out-of-town areas, the snow can be thrown to the side via the discharge chimney.

Variants: The FS-HP series covers a wide range of requirements with different clearing capacities and widths. Different drum or blower wheel diameters are also available, offering clearing widths from 1,600 mm to 2,650 mm and handling snow depths from 1,000mm to 1,500mm.

Clearing unit

The FS-HP's clearing unit consists of a two-stage snow blower system with two-stage open cutting spirals and a mechanically-driven blower wheel. The cutting blades are wider towards the blower wheel, resulting in better snow removal and better filling of the blower wheel.

The optimised throwing blade size of the blower wheel gives a higher clearing rate and wide snow ejection, while the side bearing of the cutter drums ensures a stable hold. Externally mounted side cutters ensure the blower can be steered effectively.

Milling spinner stem

The stem has a large excavation height as well as an excellent transverse inclination, while the milling drums are firmly mounted in the middle and outside and secured by two roller clutches. The ground clearance can be defined using sliding shoes or optional trailing wheels.

The milling drums can also cope with old, hard and icy snow thanks to lateral snow blades which grip and clear the snow in front of the milling drums. Driven by open milling drums to the blower wheel, the snow is ejected through the chimney. The high circumferential speed and the extra-large throwing blades of the blower wheel allow large throwing distances to be achieved.


The FS-HP has a 275° hydraulically rotating chute for targeted snow ejection of up to 35m. The snow is dynamically bundled in the chute to form a compact snow jet. The hydraulically operated ejection flaps change the ejection range, while the chimney turning device changes the direction of the snow jet. The snow can be thrown to the side via the chute or equally loaded onto a truck.

Drive system

Drive is provided by the front PTO of the carrier vehicle or via the power hydraulics using a hydraulic motor. The drive power is transmitted to the blower wheel via Cardan shafts or transfer gearboxes. An angular gear drives the two milling drums after the blower wheel. The milling drums are supported in the centre and on the sides for a stable hold.


  • Hydraulic longitudinal tilt compensation
  • Impellers
  • Parking trolley
  • LED marker lights
  • Transport protection device