The VPL is a wedge-shaped, V-shaped and one-sided snow plough ideal for efficient snow clearance on roads, footpaths, cycle paths and other surfaces. The VPL series can be used in all conditions, is suitable for both difficult and heavy snow removal and for mounting on a wide range of municipal vehicles, tractors and wheel loaders.

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Innholdet er ikke tilgjengelig på ønsket språk. Innholdet er tilgjengelig på: English, Deutsch, Español, Français, Italiano, Polski, Русский

Schmidt|Tellefsdal VPL

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Available in different sizes: 1.5 - 3.0m
  • Individual adaptation and use as wedge-shaped, V-shaped and one-sided snow ploughs
  • Automatic traversing system using shock absorber rails

Dine fordeler

  • Comfortable operation
  • Attachment and removal in just a few minutes
  • Shock absorber rail reduces noise and ensures smooth running
  • Suitable for a wide range of municipal vehicles, tractors and wheel loaders

Tekniske data

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Plough blade

The VPL consists of a right and a left ploughshare, connected in the middle with an A-frame by means of pivots, which forms a stable base for difficult and heavy snow clearance. The geometrically shaped and steeply inclined ploughshare ensures optimum snow ejection, while a wide range of cutting edges allows the plough to be used in all types of conditions.

Override security system

The VPL easily overcomes ground obstacles even under difficult operating conditions. This is due to the automatic override security system with shock absorber rails, which absorbs the high starting energy and ensures minimal noise and very smooth running.

Lifting device

An optional lifting system allows easy adaptation to vehicles with either a lifting system or mounting plates.


All functions are hydraulic and can be operated from the cab. 

Two hydraulic cylinders operate each ploughshare and swivel it against a mechanical stop when fully engaged.

In the standard version, the VPL is suitable for vehicle hydraulic systems with two control cells for snow plough operation. Pressure relief valves and accumulators in the hydraulic system protect and dampen the shares.


The VPL series is equipped with a mounting plate as standard. The optional lifting system with country-specific mounting plates enables adaptation to vehicles with both lifting systems or mounting plates and allows changeover within minutes. The VPL is suitable for mounting on both work vehicles and front loaders.

Cutting edges

Steel cutting edge

A multi-purpose, cost optimised solution for aggressive clearing – if necessary. Steel cutting edges are resistant to bending and twisting, giving a clean result.

Rubber cutting edge (R)

A good solution for use on inner city roads and speciality properties like parking lots. Due to the flexible and elastic characteristics of rubber, it glides smoothly over the surface. Allows gentle clearing of paved surfaces.

Combi cutting edge (size 36) (C36)

A more durable cutting edge made of steel, rubber and ceramic. This cutting edge is meant for aggressive snow clearing and can be a good alternative if the steel cutting edge is wearing out too fast. The combination of materials ensures noise and vibration reduction.

Working support devices

Trailing wheels / sliding plates

Trailing wheels and sliding plates extend a life time of cutting edges and let to smoother override an obstacles. 

Snow deflector

A rubber snow deflector prevents poor visibility due to snow swirling up to the wind- screen of the vehicle.

The rubber shield directs the air stream along with the snow dust to the side. Rubber protection is used mainly during slow clearing of wet and heavy snow. Thanks to its high flexibility the shield can be deflected without getting damaged (e.g. when hitting an obstacle). It is simple and cost effective option.


The VPL can be equipped with a "Super Swing" feature which allows the ploughshares to be swivelled diagonally to the right, left or only to one side.

Further options including sliding shoes, trailing wheels and snow dust protection are also available.