The SNK 55.1 is a light snow plough ideal for use at airports and suitable for mounting on tractors and trucks with low payloads. The geometrically-shaped plough blade has been developed for optimum snow flow and ejection, and is perfect for clearing small amounts of wet and dry snow and slush.

Schmidt|SNK 55.1

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • Low weight
  • Low maintenance construction
  • Extreme rigidity but completely flexible
  • Automatic override system

Dine fordeler

  • Stability: Robust, elastic and vibration-damped snow plough construction that guarantees very high stability at low weight.
  • Flexibility: Optimum snow ejection in all snow conditions.
  • Quick mounting: Fast and efficient mounting to the vehicle mounting plate using the quick-change method.

Plough blade

The SNK 55.1 combines a light plastic plough share and a stable steel construction for optimum power transmission. The plough allows travel speeds of up to 60kph/37mph and has a clearing width of 4,535mm/14.8ft. The plastic plough blade prevents corrosion and provides high noise damping, while the geometric shape ensures optimum snow ejection with a high resistance to shocks.

Override security system

The automatic override system allows obstacles to be driven over safely without damaging the snow plough. Height-adjustable, pneumatic-tyred steering wheels are fitted as standard for optimum running characteristics.

Lifting device

The patented three-point lifting mechanism ensures optimum lateral inclination. The mounting plate can be raised hydraulically for mounting and dismounting. The SNK 55.1 is equipped with two control units for snow plough operation to match the vehicle hydraulic system, and has one lifting cylinder and two swivel cylinders without separate return.

Angling system

For optimum snow clearance in all snow conditions, the plough shares can be swivelled up to 45° by means of the hydraulic side adjustment. The angling system is carried out by two hydraulic cylinders, and is infinitely variable with end stop.


The SNK 55.1 is attached to the matching vehicle mounting plate using the quick-change method.