The eCityJet 3030 is a street washer based on the proven eSwingo 200+ series. Street washers are an interesting alternative to sweepers in hot, dry and very dusty conditions. With its all-electric drive and compact design the eCityJet 3030 cleans inner-city areas emission-free and is used especially in confined spaces, narrow streets, pedestrian zones or pavements.

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Schmidt|eCityJet 3030

Oppsummering av det viktigste

  • 100% electric, 0% carbon dioxide emissions
  • Working up to 10 hours without recharging
  • Recharge in just 4 hours with the on-board charger
  • Low noise emission
  • Sustainable and responsible technology

Dine fordeler

  • High performance: Effective washing performance against large quantities of stubborn dirt - no compromises compared to the model with diesel engine.
  • Battery Life Cycle Management: Battery service and diagnosis are carried out by Aebi Schmidt, as well as free take-back and recycling.
  • Extremely quiet driving and working: The machine can also be used for work assignments at night or in the early morning hours.
  • Effectiveness: Easy and quick dust-binding in particularly dry climates.
  • Unsurpassed comfort: A spacious cab, excellent visibility, ergonomic controls, adjustable steering column and a sprung driver's seat with individual adjustment options. 

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Electric drive

The eCityJet 3030 is characterised by a fully electric drive. The heart of the drive is a high voltage, 75 kWh. battery which consists of two individual battery packs. High-quality components guarantee durability (at least 5000 charging cycles) and safety, thanks to non-flammable and explosion-proof battery cells. The battery is equipped with a battery management system (BMS), which monitors and controls the battery, the charging and discharging processes and the temperature. The powerful batteries allow operating times of up to 10 hours without recharging.

An integrated on-board quick charger ensures complete recharging in just four hours.

The drives of all main functions - traction drive, blower drive, hydraulic pump drive and air conditioning of the driver's cab - have been electrified. The electric drive offers higher efficiency, optimum power characteristics and high performance with low maintenance requirements.

Only an electric motor, which is directly connected to the rear axle, is used for the drive and gives speeds of up to 40 km/h, while the noise level is many times lower than that of a diesel vehicle. An electric parking brake system with hill start assistance guarantees safe and comfortable driving.

Washing technology

The eCityJet 3030 cleans surfaces with water and high pressure, removing even stubborn dirt. In particularly dry climates, the eCityJet 3030 also ensures that dust is quickly and easily removed. At the same time, the cleaning water rinses the sewerage system, which prevents standing waste water and associated odours.

Water pump

The eCityJet 3030 is available with a high performance water pump with up to 70 litres/min and up to 60 bar. This is driven by an efficient electric motor with almost infinitely variable water flow control from the cabin.

Water tank

The water volume of the eCityJet 3030 is up to 1500 l, depending on the equipment variant. The modular water tank system, consisting of UV-resistant and impact-resistant polyethylene plastic tanks, is equipped with baffles as standard. Filling is via a C-connection with water suction filter and free flow section. The water tank system can be tilted backwards for optimum accessibility during maintenance.

Spray bar

Cleaning is very efficient thanks to the flexibly-controlled high-pressure wash bar with 30° swivel angle. The driver can control the washing beam individually and intuitively from the cab. Height adjustment and swivelling are hydraulic. A reduction of the spray mist is guaranteed by the spray guard fitted as standard. A telescopic wash bar is available as an option, which significantly increases the area output. The lateral telescope on the right and left is 500mm each. In addition, the washing beam can be equipped with side, flat spray nozzles on the right and left, which guarantees greater flexible use.

Ergonomics and comfort

The spacious cabin is equipped with high quality noise and vibration insulation (72 dB(A)). The front windscreen, which extends down to the ground, provides an optimum view of the wash beam. The excellent all-round visibility contributes to a pleasant working environment and safe operation in traffic. 

The standard, powerful air conditioning system creates a pleasant and cool working temperature even when hot outside. Fresh air is sucked in and filtered at the rear of the cab via a dual-purpose pollen filter.

All functions of the washing unit are controlled via the door control panel with various joysticks and push buttons. The most important information is visible at a glance on the colour display in the roof console. In addition, a mechanic can make machine-specific settings in the display. With the aid of the onboard diagnosis system, any faults can be localised quickly and efficiently. 

Smooth steering via the adjustable steering column, cruise control, minimal pedal forces, a comfort driver's seat plus operating and control instruments in an optimum grip area create a modern, ergonomic workplace.

Modern vehicle technology

The hot-dip galvanising of the entire vehicle frame and important steel components provides high-quality corrosion protection. The mechanical suspension package, perfectly matched to the machine, ensures safe and comfortable car-like driving with reduced maintenance. 

The switchable all-wheel steering  which is monitored by means of steering angle sensors, makes tight turning manoeuvres possible and is user-friendly and safe. A hydraulic dual-circuit brake system with disc brakes front and rear is fitted as standard. 

Wide range of options

  • Telescopic wash bar
  • Side nozzles
  • High-pressure hand lance with automatic hose reel with 18 metre hose
  • 360° swivelling roof boom with hose reel with 20 metre hose
  • Cleaning agent dosing unit
  • High pressure hose reel in the rear of the vehicle with a working pressure of up to 110 bar at 15 l/min