Schmidt | Supra 5002

Offer number: UM0002296
Merke schmidt
Mat.-Nr.: 1134147-0
Year of manufacture: 01/2020
Serial number: WSVC4W6U1L5002100
Running hours: 10 h
Classification: Machine will be a demo unit
Color: deep orange
Location: 79837 St. Blasien
Availability: 2 nov 2020
Price: mimi_onRequest

Machine details

The offered snow blower Supra 5002 built as a test machine for the factory own research & development department and used for testing of new engine generation and cutter head / sub systems. It will be offered with a very high layout standard and as a 40 km/h version perfect for airport duties. It will be sold in complete condition and workable condition. Retrofit to the serial outfit will be performed prior to sale the machine. Design and performance, as well as all implemented components and systems are in accordance with the serial machine, so that no special maintenance will be required and all parts are available as spare parts via the standard Aebi Schmidt aftersales department or our local dealer.


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