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Sweeping and Municipal Day in Inzing 2022: The Schmidt Flexigo 150 proofs that it lives up to its name

After a break of several years due to Corona, finally Aebi Schmidt Austria again invited to the Sweeping and Municipal Day at the Austrian headquarters in Inzing. Representatives of more than thirty municipalities and service providers accepted the invitation and were able to see for themselves the advantages of the machines and equipment in practical use. The Flexigo, listed with the BBG, was of particular interest - but not only! 

The smallest all-rounder in the Schmidt sweeper family was undisputedly the star at the Sweeping and Municipal Day. Aebi Schmidt Austria presented it including the wide range of attachments. This also included the chemical-free, ergo environmentally friendly weed-killing system of Keckex, which was presented by Michael Kekeis, the company's Managing Director.

The Keckex system also fits larger compact sweeper models such as the Cleango. With the Cleango, however, another attachment was the focus of interest: the Allroundmaster gully cleaner. With this solution, which has been tried and tested for many years, it is possible to effortlessly integrate two work processes that are often carried out separately into one.

The fact that the all-electric eSwingo has been proving itself in practice for some time now and scores particularly well in terms of performance and workplace comfort did not need to be emphasised. Instead, there were all the more questions about the new eCleango, which will be seen in Austria for the first time in 2023. Finally, staying true to the themes of "flexibility" and year-round use, visitors were also able to see the Aebi CC 36 for themselves, which is a single-axle all-rounder with a wide variety of attachment options.

The weather at the Sweeping and Municipal Day was an unmistakable reminder that winter is already approaching again. In the area of winter service, there was also a novelty to marvel at. The Unimog U219, kindly provided by the Pappas group of companies, was equipped with the latest Stratos spreader and the proven KLV plough - the ideal combination for many areas in Austria.

Together with Hartl Straßenreinigungs- und Winterdienst e.U., it went on a demo tour of several Austrian cities after the Sweeping and Municipal Day. Those who missed the opportunity to get a live overview are welcome to contact the sales team of Aebi Schmidt Austria at any time. It would be a shame to have to wait until the next edition of the Sweeping and Municipal Day in spring 2023.