vProtect Service Packages

vProtect Check 360: Prevent annoying downtime

The vProtect Check 360, carried out by our experienced service technicians, helps to identify problems before they occur, maximising your machines uptime and availability, so it is ready to operate when you are!

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vProtect Service Contracts

Stay safe and operational

If you do not want to take care of the maintenance plan and updating of the technical components yourself, and if you prefer to invest your time in your core business, Aebi Schmidt can ensure that your devices and machines receive the right service at the right time. For example:

vProtect XLM
Standard maintenance contract

Our professional service technicians perform maintenance work at scheduled intervals using professional Aebi Schmidt checklists and original parts. They detect and resolve potential problems before they become real problems.

vProtect XLM Leaflet (PDF, EN, 365 KB)

vProtect XLR
Extended warranty

Extend your warranty against expensive, unforeseen repairs. Choose the coverage that fits your needs. You can select an extension to the statutory warranty by 12 or 24 months.

vProtect XLR Leaflet (PDF, EN, 360 KB)

vProtect 365
All-in contract

Our vProtect 365 all-in contract is designed to give you peace of mind. This contract covers customized services specific to your machine and fleet.

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* Please note that not all our offers are available in all countries. For more information contact your local sales organisation.


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