Truck Partners

Aebi Schmidt has extensive experience when it comes to vehicle conversions. This includes wheelbase modifications, additional steering systems or chassis elevations for airport equipment. It extends to the relocation of standard units and the creation of free space for the mounting of lateral snow ploughs for winter service vehicles on motorways – and much, much more.

We maintain particularly long-standing partnerships with the following truck brands:

Cooperation Partners


The Unimog and Schmidt brands are inseparably linked. They have a long and shared history, even though both partners have always remained independent. An insight into this is provided, among other things, by the interview with Alfred Schmidt Jnr, which we conducted on the occasion of the 100-year anniversary of the Schmidt brand.

Today, Aebi Schmidt has the status of Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner. The Unimog has formed a unique basis for countless applications for decades. ExpertPartners are distinguished in particular by attachments specially designed for the Unimog. Click here to go to the Mercedes-Benz Unimog ExpertPartner portal, which makes it easier for you to find a suitable Unimog implement combination.


Global agricultural machinery manufacturer CLAAS and Aebi Schmidt have been working together for more than 25 years in the development of implement components. Both are united by the claim to offer their customers the best solutions through innovation and technical thinking. In various fields of application, the customer benefits from solutions whose performance parameters are perfectly matched. Everything from one source and with only one contact person to answer all questions. For advice and further information, please contact the sales organisation in your country.


Together with CPAC, a subsidiary of the Volvo Group, we are working to further develop and refine our three-step approach for autonomous operations primarily at airports. CPAC is a passionate partner when it comes to technology-driven innovation. Its track record goes back to 2003 when it launched the first enabling platform for autonomous driving.


Lab1886 is the innovation incubator of Mercedes-Benz AG. Launched in 2007, Lab1886 has supported the Daimler Group with innovative business models ever since. Together with Lab1886 and Daimler Truck AG, we are working on concepts in the field of automated snow clearance, especially based on Mercedes' AXYARD technology, with a focus on autonomous concepts for airports.


Aebi Schmidt has been a sales partner for MULAG road maintenance equipment in various countries for several years. Whether front-, rear-, intermediate-axle or mowing combinations, MULAG boom systems are characterised by their durability and ergonomic and fatigue-free operation for countless jobs and activities in professional road and water maintenance. For more information about the product portfolio, please contact your local Aebi Schmidt subsidiary.


The partnership with Allroundmaster in Saterland, north-western Germany, is still comparatively new. Gerold Hinrichs, founder and owner of Allroundmaster is often referred to in the trade press as a tinkerer. We believe that this is an inadequate description, as it was he who developed the sink drawer cleaner as an attachment for the Swingo and, more recently, for the Cleango. This has only a limited amount to do with tinkering, but a lot to do with the expertise and engineering skills involved.

Build Up Partner

There is a wide range of attachments for vehicles and machines in our industries. There are devices which are very widespread in the market or whose quality is unbeatable. We maintain a close partnership with some attachment manufacturers by co-ordinating the parameters of the equipment or by having the partners produce the equipment to meet our needs. This applies for example to: